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    Robert's Hair

    No man has the right to have such beautiful hair. I would kill for it. After the band split, he cut his hair into a mullet. I was horrified. I hated it. Thank goodness he grew it back out. Now if I can just get past him wearing it in a bun... I couldn't stand his facial hair either. When he had a mustache, he looked like one of the Three Musketeers. His mutton chops were too long. Thy looked like dried out pubic hair. At least now his facial hair is well groomed but it hides his face. I want to see his face and those dimples.
  2. bugster2

    Robert's Hair

    There is a picture floating around on the net where he has dropped his pants. There is no way he is 10 inches. If any man put on a pair of jeans that were 3 sizes too small, he would look huge too. Robert is just nicely hung.
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