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  1. Hi to everybody. My copy is a little bit strange or it seems so: SD-7201 Standard Red/Green Atlantic Label ST-A-702005 PR Inner groove: ST-A-702005-D side A ST-A-702006-D side B. The letter D on both sides sounds strange, am I wrong?
  2. Let's hope Jimmy can put inside Disc 3 the 1972 Bombay sessions.....
  3. There are lots of concerts that shout out loud to be relased....Jimmy would be spoiled for choise if he really wanted to do. One of my big regret was not to see the "Stairway to heaven" work in progress with the different guitar solo you can hear in many bootlegs. Maybe one day we'll see....
  4. Despite a bad el. piano sound (in my opinion), it really rocks
  5. I read the topic about this problem....It's something like the first copies of "Beatles Capitol versions vol. 2": a mastering error. Unfortunately, I can't send back the deluxe box to shop because I lost the receipt Despite that, I mislead myself thinking I have a curio in my collection
  6. I'm very glad to be "one of the few" that have distortion problem in "The Ocean" and I'm still sure a day our cd will be more collectable than others
  7. Hi to everybody, When I played HOTH cd I noticed on the solo part some little distortions, mainly in the guitar bit. Has anyone heard the same stuff or my ears need to be set up?
  8. I think they are produced by the strings of one of Jimmy's guitar track Probably, one of these guitar is open tuning. When I play in open tuning, strings and their harmonics produce a similar effect
  9. Honestly I'm not worried much about the "companion disc": I was pleased to find the original labels of multitracks despite STH and NQ are no longer available: p Viceversa, I Would still be happy to find a wild first version of "Hots on for Nowhere" and the other funky piece circulating among various bootlegs, in highest quality.
  10. Hi to everybody , I'm Francesco from Rome (Italy) and this is my first message on the forum On "Led Zeppelin Studio magik sessions" disc 8 there's (in addition to various rehersal) a nice rough mix of the song. This mix omitted one of the two tracks of mellotron in the beginning, some Jimmy's rhythmic guitars near the end and contains a DIFFERENT solo than the original one. Hope this will be the version released even if the "Sunset sound mix" mekes me think of a different mix of the song released.
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