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  1. My first post too. I bought the 2 LP and two cd versions of both. Led Zepp IV is the best version I have ever heard even better than an early press plum copy. The 2 cd version is good but not what I would say life changing in difference. HOTH is also excellent on the vinyl. However the CD version is simply outstanding. Much more detail and JPJ shines throughout. HOTH is one of my personal fave albums by the band. only beaten by the debut.
  2. sparrow

    Way Too Over-Played Songs on the Radio...

    Usually listen to team rock when the missus is out but thought I'd try Planet rock for the first time in ages. Metallicas ''the Unforgiven'' came on. I love Metallica but Planet rock seem to think that and Nothing Else Matters is all thats out there. Drove me mad ages ago so will stick to team rock.
  3. sparrow

    Def Leppard

    always enjoyed the Lepps..Slang is up their with their best but least commecial forgetting the early days. Such a tragic though succesful career theyve had.
  4. sparrow

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Later on when the good lady is asleep it'll be the new Judas Preist cd..then who knows.
  5. The acoustic tracks are IMO a revelation..sounds like Jimmy's in your living room. It astonishes me as to why a lot of folks dont like the remasters. The only remaster that was bad was the mothership set. But even that sounds great in the car.
  6. sparrow

    Classic Albums: Physical Graffiti

    Would be good to see any doc on Led Zepp. PG being one of my faves and the first album I bought.