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  1. Of course Wikipedia could be wrong but I’ll bet you’ll be hard pushed to find any information anywhere to back up your theory. All information available indicates that it was a harmonica played by Robert which incidentally is what it sounds like to most people.
  2. This really is stretching it it a bit.
  3. Plus if you look carefully you can see that his tooth isn’t actually missing
  4. Do you mean download the song? You could pay and download it from one of the many music outlets available?
  5. NoNoNo!!! It needs a dragon painted on it or it won’t sound right!
  6. Surely if you’re starting with “Good Times Bad Times” you’ll need a Telecaster first!
  7. I’d imagine it’s not something that fits with Jimmy’s vision of how the band should be presented. Also allowing Classic Albums to make a documentary would mean relinquishing some element of control over the final product. The Beatles and Stones haven’t been featured either.
  8. I don’t agree with this. I’ve found plenty of music with just as much merit and originality in all the succeeding decades.
  9. Scientifically proven? Really? It’s purely subjective. Of course we (should) all know that. Stuff like this is like saying Beetroot is the best flavor and if you disagree there’s something wrong with you.
  10. I don’t think he used the term orchestrate to infer that it would require an orchestra, more that the piece needed arranging ( multiple guitar parts etc)
  11. Have the lawyers checked the tempo differences between Stairway and Taurus?
  12. I certainly isn’t the definitive biography. Just another led Led Zeppelin bio with a few extra Page pages.
  13. Wasn’t this one of the tracks recorded in America?
  14. Maybe Ronnie was confusing Elvis Deathbed with his Death-toilet in which case it would be understandable why he’d turn it down.
  15. The thing is if they did reconvene for “One” last gig or even a “Farewell “ tour a few years down the line there would still be people clamoring for more, more, more. This forum would still have notices posted of how it’s not fair ,they owe us one last show and if the Stones can still do it in their ‘90’s why can’t Led Zeppelin.
  16. And of course it’s all purely subjective and based on your personal taste!
  17. I do realize this. I loved the album from the get go including the way it was recorded. A friend I played it to immediately said “who’s this? It sounds like a bad demo” It should be pointed out that Jimmy and Robert are the credited producers on this record.
  18. The thing is despite it being an obviously crap list, it is supposed to be a list of the most POPULAR groups ( by readers of the express I assume) and as much as I love Peter Green and those early Fleetwood Mac Lps and Singles they are swimming against the tide in terms of popularity with the great unwashed. They’ve even managed to almost eclipse themselves in that regard!
  19. Well it’s weighted on the more metallic side. All these polls are goofy and why is Kurt in there on his own?
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