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  1. i work with a bunch of older people, and they think differently than younger people. i do think that perhaps the book, and the remaster project, represent Mr Page getting his affairs in order. now that these projects are done, then maybe there is time to do something fun and go play. -m
  2. lol! an epiphone les paul with PAF style hum buckers (i used the SD Seth lovers), into a carbon copy delay and flanger is my setup too! i'm using a boss flanger, but its not really on enough to matter... i redid the lp a couple years ago, i added the gold grovers, like Mr Pages #1 -m
  3. good music is good music! like some of the others have said, there are also a number of Zep tunes that are structured more like a classical piece than a typical rock song, like Dazed and confused, its got lots of sections, or movements, if you like. the more i listen, the more i think the lads were listening to everything they could get their hands on, from Elvis, to Holst... -m
  4. that is a nice site! the other gear mystery is the red ones. http://wholelottaled.webs.com/guitars.htm scroll to #3, and #3 please. although its not much of a mystery really, he's got two, its more a matter of which one was used when? -m
  5. 1. its guitar, its like a double time pick thing, with the wah. 2. i could watch that camera angle for the whole movie. -m
  6. i personally think Hot Dog is a lot of fun, i think i would have left it on, but the neat part is that perhaps with the new remasters we get to see what the the bands take on this question is -M
  7. train kept a rolling, its just a G to an A and away you go!
  8. hi, i find the 75-77 tone is the easiest to come closest too. it will be hard to get that brittleness, but other than that you will be right on. so Jimmy's actual gear was his guitar of choice, into an echoplex, into a 100w marshall, modified to 200w, and running KT-88 tubes. (into the PA system, into someones tape player, into youtube...) we don't know his exact amp settings, for 75, but volume isn't higher than 6, probably closer to 3, although it probably depended. with your gear, you plug your guitar in to your amp, turn the amp up, but turn the distortion way down, his 75 tone is really really clean, you do want it loud though. play around with it mike
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