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    Real Estate, gardening, cooking, outdoor activities, art history, ceramics, weaving, writing, traveling and my friends. Oh- and Led Zeppelin too!
  1. Simply wonderful photos.
  2. A laywoman’s review of Led Zeppelin III- Companion Disc- Deluxe Edition- June 3, 2014. Jennings Farm Blues- Rough Mix of All Guitar Overdubs That Day. “I’ve Got Some Good News!” Jennings Farm Blues is an instrumental delight, and a dynamic guitar outtake. This track gyrates and surges, the guitar cords and percussion weave together a rhythm that grabs and sways. There is something about this one, have I heard it before? Page’s guitar is, as expected, inventive, exuberant and rambunctious. His sound undulates and tickles you; ultimately culminating in a satisfying and gentle release. His talent sparkles in an expressive, repetitive yet varied melody that is both playful and arousing. Each band member’s gift was and is extraordinary. The value and joy within their incredibly remarkable and explosive repertoire is something I hold dear. Led Zeppelin’s music transports me to a safe place, a place where I need no invitation and follow no rules…a soundtrack that can take me anywhere within myself that I want to be. The music Led Zeppelin created, and played has and will remain as magical and stimulating for me, as it was the first moment I heard it on that rainy autumn evening. In my opinion, there has not been a band able to replicate the dynamism Led Zeppelin has, nor will there ever be. Looking forward to the second round of companion discs, I am certain we will be in for some very pleasant surprises. Thanks for providing an organized place to share, it is much appreciated. Peace to you all from my wonderful and colorful world in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Amy-Louise
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