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    Piazza San Giovanni (do you remember?)
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    Monthy Pithons and Terry Gilliam, The undergraduate, Somebody flew over cuckoo's nest, all Woody Allen movies,
    Robert Anton Wilson's books, Philip Pullmann's books.
  1. Excuse me but there was a rule against mentioning Stairway to heaven?
  2. I used to read a lot of science fiction, especially Asimov, but also Clarke (did you know that Childhood's end inspired the art cover for Houses of the holy btw?). Lately i grew interested in tales about alternative reality, like "The man in the high castle" by Philip Dick. Very worth reading.
  3. I was quite impressed by a video of this young band. The song is called Focker. Comments appreciated, thanks...
  4. So moving Dead end friends, Interlude makes me shiver... Bandoliers reminds me of the city of Venice. Some rondò feeling in it? What a song Elephants I couldn't stop singing Borracho Cansado! And Jpj piano introduction to Daffodils is... poetry!
  5. I think that practically we are all pagans: we constantly use pagan symbols, as the Christmas Tree. So to paraphrase an italian philosopher (Benedetto Croce) "we can't avoid to call us pagans"...
  6. I like Mindfuck! Or "X". What about "Travel at the end of the night"?
  7. The Great Edwardian Air-raid - Paul Roland
  8. I first listened to zep in Easter 1995, in the home of a friend of mine who owned a lot of cds. The song was Stairway to heaven and my life has changed forever since! (I was 18). I bought IV afterwards, and begun to appreciate every song. The rest is history.
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