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  1. This article was posted today on NME.com Led Zeppelin World Tour Velvet Revolver claim they have bagged support slots with the rock legends * Mar 19, 2008 * 0 Comments * Led Zeppelin news, reviews, video and tour dates * Add Led Zeppelin to MyNME Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan has claimed that his band have bagged tour support slots on a supposed future tour with Led Zeppelin. Although McKagan was not forthcoming with any specific dates or plans for such a tour, he said that his band “have it” in terms of the support slot. Speaking to BBC 6Music he said: “I understand that we have it, although I imagine there will be plenty of bands prepared to kick and punch us out of the way for the privilege.” As previously reported on NME.COM, The Cult’s Ian Astbury claimed his band were set to support Led Zeppelin on a future tour.
  2. Was just watching daily 10 on the telly and apparently Velvet Revolver are saying they are the support act for the reunion ! The plot thickens LOL !
  3. From rollingstone.com Link : http://www.rollingstone.com/news/story/179...of_led_zeppelin
  4. FYI everyone.......gotickets had police tickets up on their site when the band was firmly denying a tour and insisting they were only doing a rehearsal for the grammy performance. I definitely smell the whiff of a Zepp tour....where there is smoke there is fire. Why all this activity all of a sudden eh? New website.....re-issues....re-masters ????? Don't know for sure tho', there are other commitments as mentioned. The Plant, Krauss collaboration for one, that album is huge....when I was picking it up the girl in the store said they can't keep it in stock. Mind you...wouldn't it be cool if Zepp played Bonaroo and Robert ALSO did a show with Alison on another night ????? 60 miles from Nashville and in the heart of Alison fan country !!!! HMMMMMMM. Anyway...I will stop fantasizing and wait for official word
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