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  1. Hello, can I please have the link. Thank you!
  2. Yes sir, can you please send to me also AND THANK YOU AGAIN
  3. I will gladly enjoy anything Jimmy decides to release but with the understanding that I need the bootleg for an unedited version. It's how it will always be
  4. Sad to see this picture knowing in a matter of moments Robert would suffer the worst heartbreak of his life
  5. hi, can I have the vienna 73 link also please? thank you
  6. hello, can I have the Link also? Thank you!
  7. Not to turn this into a Def Leppard forum But I LOVED their first 3 and hated them after. The first 2 just released as a Delux box with live tracks and demos. Its fantastic
  8. Eelgrass is great as it's cheaper than EV BUT it's also a direct copy with no modifications
  9. I do like having a silver disc but have learned to wait for a more polished recording. Moonchild will most certainly release something from this show
  10. It's on guitars101 for download inc. Twist and Shout
  11. Even if incomplete, am so excited that the Japanese soundboards are making an appearance after thinking for decades now that they didn't exist at all. Gives me hope about what else is out there
  12. The snippet sounds amazing. I wonder what the standard rate is for EV to pay for a board tape. Is 20 grand outrageously high or within the norm?
  13. I hope so. I have spent 1000s of dollars on silver disc bootlegs from around the world and done my financial share of support of the industry and bought from every label. But if I can get a free torrent, I will take it. I still have a car and house to pay for, lol
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