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  1. Bath would be a holy grail release. Hopefully will be alive for it
  2. Wasn't there something about a live streaming service or did I just dream that?
  3. I found these on my Brian Jones fansite and never seen before. Simply awesome
  4. I will gladly buy a complete concert on disc but just torrent these partial shows. Sure as I pay a 100 for a partial, the full show will be out for 200. Have been burned too many times
  5. Realistically, all we have is the bootleg community to leak out the occasional new tape or SB. I love every release that is new and sees the light of day. I really don't think Jimmy has much that he views as releasable officially. And if he does, he will chop out mistakes and cover versions to avoid licensing issues. I've accepted that as the reality
  6. Thank God there's still the occasional new live bootleg recording still coming to light. Its much better than nothing
  7. A 4cd 1 DVD release by Repertoire records. Is this an official release or some sort of semi bootleg due to loss of copyright?
  8. I have a cheaper Chinese made version
  9. I never understood why you would want to hoard a tape. If you have a rare tape , and aren't waiting for someone to pay you, why not share with the world
  10. Am grateful for any new tapes and concerts that are discovered. Always adds new insight such as MONA being played
  11. Most of Presence. I got the album about the same time as most of the rest , listened to it but it didn't thrill me like the others. Years later I went back and and loved it
  12. Maybe since Swan Song was released as Midnight Moonlight he felt it not necessary. I wonder if he still has a master tapes for FIRE. What I really wanted was the extended All of My Love , which I think is fantastic. Maybe he's saving something for the 100th Anniversary of the band..
  13. If THIS is how they feel they can market to millenials, it is beyond sad. My 10 year nephew only gets to listen to Zep, Stones, ACDC, Johnny Cash etc and he LOVES them!
  14. Hi, yes it looks fantastic. Please send me a link and thank you!
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