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  1. 50 here, 1976 bought PG when i was 14, my first album
  2. We heard 1 song, called "Save Me", Bonham used it with Black Country Communion on there 2nd album, and played it live on there dvd release, , I think it was excellent had a wonton song type rhythm
  3. You know we all have them, songs we skipped for years......let's see um!!
  4. Alot of bands lost members over the years and there still touring and calling themselves the original band name even if if only 1-2 members exist. It's all a bunch of BOLLOCKS!
  5. Congrats!!, what a awesome night to remember!! Now i can't make out who's in your avatar, JPJ?
  6. 1. For Your Life......c'mon nobody else even picked this awesome song! 2. The Rover 3. The Ocean 4. Wonton Song 5. Hat's off to Roy Harper......ha!
  7. Theres another wicked cool video of the starship landing playing kashmir, in dvd 2, it's right after stairway, but it's a easter egg so you have to watch most of the earls court show to activate it
  8. I really dont know why this is a big deal, it's what we have already seen just converted to Blu, it's not a new source, it's NOT PRO-SHOT!!!!, it's just material that was out there all encoded to play on blu ray players, if you want to go buy a Blu burner, a $200+ Blu player and a $20 Blu blank...YOUR WASTING YOUR MONEY!!
  9. Went to the Mohegan Sun show last night, had a great time except for a wildman next to us, he was prob 300+ lb's and had the whole row of chairs rockin! Well the show was great, esp In the Mood, Battle of Evermore, when taking a few beer breaks i noticed a setlist on the beer kiosk's table, as every song was played they checked it off, i guess to keep track as when to shut down the beer before the show ended. Well 2nd oncor song listed "When the Levee Breaks" was never played!! What a total bummer!! All we heard were 3 unkown to me church type songs, i am not a huge fan of Allison but i
  10. I'm waiting for the HD-DVD from 3 seperate vendors 2 have shipped amazon UK and Barnes and Noble.
  11. Seeing Zep live is as hard as seeing Pink Floyd all again!, i dont think it will ever happen!!, we got our LIVE 8 4 song concert and now we have our O2 concert, thats about all folks, Time is against them and if i was 63 yrs old i wouldnt want to be traveling all over eating who knows what food and sleeping in different bed every night.
  12. You guy's knows there's always these clowns that get cocked and stoned before the show...it happens every concert!!, i posted about this a few day's ago, always some loser that got tix and "partied hardy" and passed out during the show of a lifetime!
  13. This is the best we got! real camera feed with soundboard audio, how BBC pulled this off is beyound me, just think they probably have the whole show and a few lucky employee's have seen it all and are sworn to secretcy, and they cut a 1 min clip for us to enjoy. Last night at 7:50pm eastern usa the BBC world channel had this on, got my wound up fer sure! Also a good copy of it all on Dime.
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