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  1. Hey Jules, thanks for posting the photos of the Rodriguez concert. They came out really well. Cheers
  2. azad

    Sky Watch

    Unfortunately I had the same problem. Too cloudy. I only saw it in glimpses as the clouds moved by here and there.
  3. To both Charles and marlem, fantastic photo's guys. Thank you
  4. Hey thats cool of you to pass on the link. I will check it out and although no plans for travel atm, you never know. Much appreciated Patrycja. I'm happy today because I woke up feeling slightly sore in the legs from a long fast walk in the soft sand the day before. The hard work is paying off.
  5. azad

    Sky Watch

    How to Watch the October 2014 'Blood Moon' Total Lunar Eclipse Live Online http://www.space.com/27353-total-lunar-eclipse-october8-guide.html
  6. azad

    Sky Watch

    Hey, for anybody interested, there is a total eclipse of the moon today, Australia: Wednesday's lunar eclipse will create a 'blood' moon WHEN TO WATCH (local times): NSW/ACT/VIC/TAS: Eclipse begins 8.15pm, total eclipse 9.25pm-10.25pm, eclipse ends 11.35pm. QLD: minus one hour for all times SA: Eclipse starts 7.45pm, total eclipse 8.55pm-9.55pm, eclipse ends 11.05pm. NT: minus one hour for all times WA: Moon rises at 6.19pm, total eclipse 6.25pm-7.25pm, eclipse ends 8.35pm. http://www.news.com.au/national/total-lunar-eclipse-to-glow-red-across-australia/story-fncynjr2-1227081267533 USA: Lunar eclipse tonight may highlight Draconid meteor shower Total eclipse starts at 3:15 a.m. PT (6:15 a.m. ET) on Wednesday http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/lunar-eclipse-tonight-may-highlight-draconid-meteor-shower-1.2789359
  7. I like this version as well. Ha ha, goes to show that less is more. It always amazes me at just how many gadgets guitarists have these days.
  8. Apologies chillumpuffer, I don't mind the 'boy' thing. It is a great shirt.
  9. Today I received my Robert Johnson Tee Shirt. Yeah, it made me happy. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ozywnm8ytb239ao/Robert%20Johnson%20TeeShirt.PNG?dl=0
  10. Nice one JLee93, I wish I had more luck because I just flushed $140 down the drain on a cheap strat copy that wont stay in tune. We live and we learn. Is that 10 pound or 1,000 pound? Anyway, it's a nice shirt.
  11. Thanks Charles. I didn't know much about her either until a certain Amy Winehouse put me onto her.
  12. I'm in an extremely mellow mood atm.... Ella Fitzgerald - Summertime (1968)
  13. Yes, get well lipslikecherries, glad you are back as well.
  14. Thanks Charles This is one of my favourites that you have posted. It's enticing. Makes me wanna go sit in for a pint.
  15. Yeah, she's deffinately a talented artist. More so than I gave her credit for in the past. Iv'e seen that 'Cheek to Cheek' album with Tony Bennett at the local music stores on all the front eye catching shelves. It must be selling well.
  16. Nice close up Charles. Is that a macro lens?
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