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  1. Why has been told to you personally by me countless times about a month ago , no harm in not understanding that .... i even point to why in my above post , but again no harm there. I've yet to bring up Sabbath in ANY discussion , it is always bought by someone else , even you in fact .... Again no harm there. Please keep enjoying Zeppelin , I most certainly do , I just know where they fall in the grand scene of things ..... and hey , maybe I'm wrong , and your correct .... no harm there either , just the way I CLEARLY hear it , is all. Sathington Willoughby , np at all ... it's true brother! ... great info and posting.
  2. Isn't it mysterious how the perception of what we feel through music , creates this fantasy in our minds that a particular group of musicians are far more than what they actually are .... and we come up with all of these thoughts in our mind , that convinces us of such. I guess i may have a bit of this myself. But to compare Zeppelin to the Beatles , my gosh .... really? And then come to the conclusion while doing such a comparison that Zeppelin is somehow better .... is well , halirious. I understand it to be a Zep forum and all , but guys , well , keep having fun I guess. Unfortunately for me I suppose , words like virtuosos , is the last thing to pop into my fantasy when thinking of this "fine" band .... Zeppelin blowing a band off the stage live , for me anyway is such a strange thought , I find them to be an "ok" live act at best , a little too sloppy and unorganized for my taste ... people round these parts call that improvising , I guess , maybe? But , nothing is better than the thought process , of Zeppelin being somehow deserving of a conversation along side the Beatles , than the thought process that they are somehow the best band of the 70's ..... always very interesting to me , i can assure you of this , Zeppelin are far from the best band of the 70's. Just my thoughts after dropping by this morning .... not meant to ruffle feathers , was just made to smile while reading , and decided to post a few words , and hey maybe I'm the one who is "lost" ..... probably not Sathington Willoughby , great information you add to this thread , sincerely mean that.
  3. No doubt , he must be a solid audiophile enjoying a piece of this caliber .... i was gifted two sets , one kept unopened , by Audio Connection and the other from Dave Wilson. Dark Lord , never a reason for regret , everything with the Page name on it , is always put together and packaged at the most high level of quality .... anything else is unacceptable to him. With that being the case , regardless of whether one owns this set or not , they are still able to achieve high state of the art quality through other Zeppelin products .... the new box sets , case in point! As for collectable reasons , I'm sure you have a brilliant set of gems put together! .... and to be honest , the day we were to ever take part in that fortress - the open impeccable set "Is yours!" ..... will say the most astoundingly amazing "sonic" version of "No Quarter" exist in this collection for us audiophiles , be blessed my man.
  4. Very nice thread! Have a massive Zeppelin fortress , most sought after piece inside , is an extremely rare early years bootleg box set ..... along with the audiophile 200 gram box set. For those who may not know the set , http://www.israbox.com/1146493756-led-zeppelin-box-set-audiophile-200-gram-45-rpm-single-sided-series-48-disc-set-in-heavy-duty-road-case-2007.html , it welcomes you with excellent mid bass and a very well , at ease high end.
  5. Interesting , and with all due respect , I entirely understand your viewpoint and don't much disagree .... but I have in no way harped on any particular point , much like washing your hands after going to the bathroom .... my words were more than appropriate for the conversation presented. My point of fact , was only conclusive to the misguided information , as given .... and that was just ONE time , in response to the "irrelevant" words quoted by one Mr. White on an unrelated to music matter , which you then decided to rebuttal. Here n now , with my first response directed toward the original directee , Mr. McNally .... it is only "relevant" and "appropriate" to , for only the second time , but toward McNally "the first" ... show I am in total conclusive agreement with him , for any other assertion would be ignorant to the facts at hand .... before I relayed my viewpoint for McNally not to f**k with The Dark Lord , as he is the man! I'm sorry if this is sensitive material for you , but do not falsely accuse my words for something they are not. Thanks brother
  6. John , love your passion for The Who , i enjoy them very much myself , fantastic artist! As are Zeppelin , very talented in there own right , sound musicians with a solid stage presence. I tend to agree with much of what you have to offer , and without question in the world of grading artist , one's personal life has zero significance at all in the outcome.... where that came from is just a lack of understanding of how people miss view musicianship , very common in fact.... I'm sure the individual who came up with that quote , meant no harm. As for The Dark Lord , he is a genuine man with a true love , backed up with impeccable knowledge for the band he loves .... He deserves nothing but strong respect , for he is the real deal.
  7. Not even a top 5 live act of the 70's alone , I can think of many who blew them completely off the stage , with far more structure and less sloppy play .... but Zeppelin certainly came guns a blazing to do there very best , Page always saw to that , Zep was and is his baby.
  8. You have misunderstood my point completely , with your last comments in response to mine .... but no worries and respect. As for this above post here , fantastic breakdown , not that I necessarily agree , especially in respect to Moon , but regardless great efforts and post!
  9. When discussing one's music , personal mishaps have no relevance. In fact , it shows the lack of understanding and unease one has in there "musical genius" , that in there rebuttal of a certain artist stealing music , the biggest "no , no" amongst credible musicians , is to revert to one's personal life , as if it has any merit at all. Which it very obviously does not.
  10. Interesting comment , yet not relevant in anyway. The gentleman was probably searching through different musical forums , very common amongst fans of good music , saw a thread comparing his favorite band against Zeppelin , and read what he found to be utter non sense , and responded. As for the Townsend comment , that again is irrelevant , has nothing to do with music and creativity , where as Zeppelin's very well documented lack of credibility in some of there song writing , is extremely relevant. I will say this , Page's enormous love for his at times borrowed music , allows him to create some true magic out of other people's music , that may not have been all the listenable without Jimmy's talented touch.
  11. Why? Moon and Entwistle are at a level that John and JPJ , as respectable as they are , have never reached .... and in my opinion , John and JPJ are the two most creative tasty forces Zeppelin has to offer. Tommy and Quadrophenia are musically brilliant at a level far more original and creative than anything Zeppelin has to offer in comparison from there 9 disc catalog .... separating both Roger and Pete from the likes of a Plant or Page.
  12. There are far more reasons that The Who are a superior team of musicians and song writer's over a band of the likes of a Zeppelin , than just lyrics.
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