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  1. There is but a simple solution to RP and his detractors, stop playing LZ tunes in your set, simple. Lets look at the facts, RP cuts PAE, and plays live, with no LZ numbers, then he cuts POM, tours, yet still no LZ numbers. I have the Sounds weekly papers still with his interviews, where he says, 'I'm not playing Zep songs without Zeppelin'. SnS is then released, tour, but no LZ numbers. Then the solo career starts to wane a bit, Live Aid comes along at that time, and RP sees this as an avenue to explore, he's on tour at the time, as is JP with the Firm. Tours end and they regroup and rehearse, yet this then falls apart. RP then goes off and forms another group, and lo and behold, this group start to include LZ numbers on the subsequent tours. This arrangement then starts to fall apart, and RP is interested in doing LZ with JP, but with 'different arrangements' when this then starts to water down into a 4 piece and there is talk of JPJ being involved, it all comes to a halt. This has been the Norm then for all RPs dates since, with what ever line up he has put together , and this is where people have a problem with his understanding of what is the right thing to do. Personally I think RP is quite right to persue his own musical avenues, yet I do think that LZ could be a 'sideline' for him, with festival appearances and the like, He does also have the knack of making and releasing new music when there is massive LZ interest, this can only be interpreted as being a vehicle to further his own solo career. Disagree or agree with me if you like, and feel free to fill in any gaps that I may have missed out. The problem I believe is between the band members themselves.
  2. Love the little dig about the emotional Firm concert :-)
  3. wonder what he meant by the 'ask the capricorns'' statement?
  4. :baby:Maybe a boycott of Plant shows may make him change his mind
  5. I said hello to Jimmy at Olympia on Saturday, and that's all.
  6. what was the outcome of another thread regarding the Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty that was stolen?
  7. I'd like to see a RP (proper) Blues album of which he can refer to as his influences, I'm not sure about his shows which are mostly Zep songs, yet not playing with that band seems to be an issue with him. It doesn't make sense to me at all.
  8. When I get to Jimmys age, work will be a distant memory.
  9. April 9th, was Dr Who at the gig? see photo, LOL :-)
  10. I think, he'll only do it, with a new Zep album, and not a greatest hits tour.
  11. I think the 2014 bit, and ask the capricorns ( I'm a capricorn too :-)) means something. he wouldn't say it otherwise.
  12. LOL, he does like to use LZ as a promotion of whatever he is going to do in the near future, to promote it, I can't blame him really, I mean, it's not as if he can sell out Birmingham NEC anymore, or Wembley arena.
  13. This is not a Firm show, it's an ARMS show USA.
  14. I agree with what's been said, Why sing LZ songs without LZ?
  15. Coda was done to fullfill contractual obligations, at the time a proper live album would've been the way to go. I much prefer Presence as an album, it is a favourite of mine.
  16. Can't say Kiss ever appealed to me, looked a bit like comedy rock to me, a bit like Madness in England being a comedy type band.
  17. Peterborough showcase cinema Cambridgeshire ,East of England, I posted this on TBL facebook page yesterday, I went to the pub on the way home :-) So, my summary from the evening, the place was only half full? I thought that a bit odd, and when we left the queue for the 9-30 showing was quite small as well, Where was everybody, maybe there aren't that many Zep fans in Peterborough? Anyway, the concert was IMO, briliiant,it took the cinema about three numbers to sort the volume out, after that it was good sound wise. Dave is right the joy was evident, even my partner commented that JP looked so happy that she felt that too. Major + for me was that Jason was AWESOME! Nothing was really missing for me, apart from 'Achilles' and I would've loved to have had 'In the Evening'. When we left, those that were there all felt that it was great, everyone was talking to each other about it walking to the carpark, even though it was raining hard :-(. Can't wait for the DVD :-). I hope that everybody enjoyed it, like we did :-)
  18. Robert Plant, change of heart?......................................................Unlikely.
  19. A live Firm album would be nice :-)
  20. You really are lucky, considering the amount of times that I've walked up Kensington High St, and never seen Sir Page about
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