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  1. Love the little dig about the emotional Firm concert :-)
  2. I said hello to Jimmy at Olympia on Saturday, and that's all.
  3. April 9th, was Dr Who at the gig? see photo, LOL :-)
  4. This is not a Firm show, it's an ARMS show USA.
  5. I have a couple of gems on top of all the vinyl, cds, bootlegs, books that I have. What you can see here are two super 8 cine films, the one on the left is I believe to be Canada 1972, and is a 50 foot length silent B&W, shot from the audience, and has the JPJ symbol draped over the keyboard, so you can narrow that down to a certain time, as he didn't do that for long. The other is official, which I bought in about 1984 ( I think it was out before the VHS version) from new, from a shop in London. My Dad has a sound projector, and he told me at the time that this was for sale, so I bought it, it's 400 feet in length, colour sound, condensed version of the film. It cost me about £25 at the time, and I have NEVER seen another one for sale on ebay or anywhere else.
  6. Jimmy's had three humbucker pick ups.
  7. I wonder if this story was a load of old fanny, any updates? That Les Paul must exist some where.
  8. Even the Firm with another line up, this time PR could sing some zep and Free and Bad co numbers, which is what it lacked the first time round, plus Page is no lyricist, so PR could put some lyrics to JPs 'new music' and bingo a new Firm album is born. There I've thought of it all, now just get on with it
  9. LOL, i wonder how much it's worth ££££££££££££££££££££££££££ or $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I have never seen it in any rare vinyl sections as advertised as such. I bought it from Revolver records in Kettering 1979 /1980 must be on par with 'livin lovin wreck' ?
  10. Hope you can see it, might have to jiggle about a bit :-) http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=wjcmll&s=6
  11. I'll sort that out some time today, and post it on here, :-)
  12. Just to add. Box set 1 and other media,credits, jones, Page, plant ?
  13. Hi, i've been meaning to find this out for yonks, my vinyl version of 'In through the Out Door', (which is damn near to the original release date) which i've had from new, has the credits for 'i'm gonna crawl' as, Jones, Page, Grant. Now, i cannot find any other version which credits peter Grant, either in books, on Cd, etc. was it a typo mistake, or what, did he originally have the credit? Box set 1, credits Plant, so anyone know? Cheers
  14. Everyone has to earn a living I suppose, lets face it, in years to come all there will be is tribute bands for all the old rock bands, so fair play, I can't ever see any real led Zep gigs again due to one person. Ross Halfin is entitled to his own opinion, he is also a mate of jimmy, so I wonder whether Jimmy has said as much?
  15. LOL, no 'fraid not Steve, Divorced some years later
  16. My mate got married on May 18th 85, that's why i never got to see the Firm at the NEC, inconsiderate bastard he is
  17. A friend of mine had the same, and it very was painful
  18. Jimmy has been known to trap his finger in the doors of trains, fall over and break fingers. But ten years or so ago he was admitted to hospital for a stomach operation, I never read anymore about it, but was wondering what it was, maybe appendicitis?
  19. They were supposed to go to Bray the week after. Windsor was the last rehearsal.
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