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  1. I have a couple of gems on top of all the vinyl, cds, bootlegs, books that I have. What you can see here are two super 8 cine films, the one on the left is I believe to be Canada 1972, and is a 50 foot length silent B&W, shot from the audience, and has the JPJ symbol draped over the keyboard, so you can narrow that down to a certain time, as he didn't do that for long. The other is official, which I bought in about 1984 ( I think it was out before the VHS version) from new, from a shop in London. My Dad has a sound projector, and he told me at the time that this was for sale, so I bough
  2. chimp


    I was at 11/8, it didn't matter to us then, it was a Zep concert FFS, it's only now that there is all this analysing, what with the DVD and boots, you name me any band that plays faultless every gig?, if you were there that night you would not give a shit, it was a good show then and still is IMO, my memory is still good enough, come on it was nearly 33 years ago, we heard all the songs we wanted to, they all sounded good, and we ENJOYED OURSELVES, came away in 7th heaven.:-)
  3. Just got in, there is a royal mail card on the carpet, a parcel to pick up, must be it, i'm not waiting for anything else :-)
  4. I ent got mine yet :-(
  5. Don't be a twat :-) I was in london this morning, went into Soho at lunchtime, saw a friend who works in an office in London, who I went school with, she is not a LZ fan, but knows I am, she works in entertainment, so was a suprise to me, I didn't even know about the gig, please, don't shoot the mesenger LOL.
  6. Have heard that JP maybe lined up, with a yet to be named band, at the forthcoming '50 years of Marshall' show at Wembley arena in the Autumn. Not LZ i'm told. Watch the space.
  7. Come on Jimmy, put yourself a decent Rock band together, don't keep hanging around :bubble:
  8. Don't hold your breath
  9. I saw the camera on him twice, he was sitting in the stand with a young guy, when Bham scored they put the camera on him, then again later on, the commenator said something about him coming a long way to watch the game, I thought, he lives there abouts?
  10. No more excuses, no more tours lined up, no new album? I'm sure Jimmy needs some lyrics putting to some music which he keeps saying that he has
  11. It might do if he has a new album coming out :thanku:
  12. chimp

    Jimmy Page Says...

    When I'm Jimmys age I will be taking it easy too
  13. I got mine direct from dave at TBL, and he signed it, a great read, buy one from him, well worth the £30.
  14. I would say retired, often seen around the west end, just living a life of an OAP (rich one of course ) But, he does have Zeppelin interests, a business like that will never be short of sales, and does demand attention. I bet he would love to be playing just pubs around London with part time bands, just for fun on a Friday / saturday night, without drawing attention.
  15. Jimmy's had three humbucker pick ups.
  16. I wonder if this story was a load of old fanny, any updates? That Les Paul must exist some where.
  17. Said this before, but, The FIRM must return, I was travelling the other day and was playing their concert from LA forum 1986, superb set, really enjoy listening to this, even whilst stuck on the M25 as I was
  18. I've just watched the interview, Robert Plant seems to just talk in riddles.
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