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  1. I've been in there before I'm an Admiral Duncan man myself
  2. I think Jimmy spends most of his social time hanging around Soho I've never run in to him yet, maybe i use the wrong places
  3. He also said at the beginning of 2008, that he wasn't going to do anything (maybe he meant Zeppelin) for the next two years, that two years is nearly up?
  4. He did say in an interview a few weeks ago, on breakfast news about having 'tea and buscuits', it reminded me of the time in the 80s when he hinted that there was a date set for 'tea in October'.
  5. I still remember that night, I was watching the news at ten o clock, when it was announced, I went to bed feeling deflated , next day people were saying good things about him, and talk of a new drummer etc etc, doesn't seem 30 years ago though, and really, there will be no more Zep. When live aid came along i was half cut at 12 oclock , but never went bed, just to watch zep again. I went to Knebworth 2, so was itching to see them that live aid night. Jimmy said this 'he was the greatest rock drummer of all time, and that's all there is to it really' and that is it really.
  6. Wayne Rooney won't like Bangkok, as he only shags old women
  7. Even the Firm with another line up, this time PR could sing some zep and Free and Bad co numbers, which is what it lacked the first time round, plus Page is no lyricist, so PR could put some lyrics to JPs 'new music' and bingo a new Firm album is born. There I've thought of it all, now just get on with it
  8. absolutely agree, welcome to the forum
  9. i have wandered along there myself before on visits to the nearby Royal Albert Hall, but am a bit shy, and would probably bottle it if i saw him about I wouldn't be happy with myself if I came over as a pest, or an overawed fan Anyway, take plenty of money with you as recently I was in a coffee shop in Kensington High street where I needed a loan when the bill came I did see Dave Gilmour there last year, and guess what? yes, i bottled it going up to him so i didn't do it in the end
  10. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/music-news/7956463/Robert-Plant-interview-singer-happy-to-entertain-without-Led-Zeppelin-reunion.html That's, that then
  11. It wasn't the steel wheels tour mate which was 89/90, it was the 81 tour of the US.
  12. LOL, i wonder how much it's worth ££££££££££££££££££££££££££ or $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I have never seen it in any rare vinyl sections as advertised as such. I bought it from Revolver records in Kettering 1979 /1980 must be on par with 'livin lovin wreck' ?
  13. Hope you can see it, might have to jiggle about a bit :-) http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=wjcmll&s=6
  14. I'll sort that out some time today, and post it on here, :-)
  15. Just to add. Box set 1 and other media,credits, jones, Page, plant ?
  16. Hi, i've been meaning to find this out for yonks, my vinyl version of 'In through the Out Door', (which is damn near to the original release date) which i've had from new, has the credits for 'i'm gonna crawl' as, Jones, Page, Grant. Now, i cannot find any other version which credits peter Grant, either in books, on Cd, etc. was it a typo mistake, or what, did he originally have the credit? Box set 1, credits Plant, so anyone know? Cheers
  17. Everyone has to earn a living I suppose, lets face it, in years to come all there will be is tribute bands for all the old rock bands, so fair play, I can't ever see any real led Zep gigs again due to one person. Ross Halfin is entitled to his own opinion, he is also a mate of jimmy, so I wonder whether Jimmy has said as much?
  18. What is the 'master class' in ?
  19. Ah, my favourite solo well played by him, very good
  20. So Pagey will play? questions are then, who with? and what?
  21. Steve, those of us old enough to remember the as you say 'shambolic' 85, 88 reunions were not shambolic to us, they were great events, we were starved Zep fans, I sat up for both of those and loved them......still do, as it takes me back and also the Live aid 85 one made me proud to watch live at the time..............It's only modern analysing of these performances that runs them down mate, what's the 95 one that you refer to? Led Zeppelin did not reform in 95. I still watch the two reunions on ipod and Iam a fan that was fortunate enough to see the original band live....Knebworth 792...
  22. Got mine yesterday from amazon, i've just finished watching it, excellent it is, a happy film.
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