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  1. I have seen Beck this year.superb..best in the world by far!!!!!!!!!!
  2. LOL, no 'fraid not Steve, Divorced some years later
  3. My mate got married on May 18th 85, that's why i never got to see the Firm at the NEC, inconsiderate bastard he is
  4. Well Mr page did not come on stage, he may heve been there, who knows? I got to the hall at 3pm to collect my tickets, there was a rehersal going on, i could hear the guitars, we walked around to the stage door, i poked my head in and was told that it was Dave Gilmour on stage as he was going to be the 'guest' that evening. Well we buggered off around Kensington for a few hours and strolled back to the hall at 6-30. We hung around the stage door, sure enough at about 7pm a car pulls up and out gets Dave Gilmour and family, he seemed fit and happy. The Jeff Beck show was superb, fantastic pl
  5. I will be at the Albert hall on Saturday and will 'report' any sightings
  6. I reckon I have a slim chance of meeting Pagey next Saturday when I attand The Jeff Beck concert at the Albert Hall, He will surely be there for his mate in London and I also remember that he owns a private box there to?
  7. chimp

    O2 concert DVD

    I did, some folks that were with me found it rubbish and wanted to leave early, I was bothered about that.
  8. chimp

    Any news?

    I'm a big fan of Becks and am going to see him at the Albert hall. after seeing him and Page do Immigrant song at the hall of fame do I though that the two on stage doing zep instrumentals would be awesome.
  9. Try out Soho, many good pubs to go to. I have spent many a lost day there
  10. Well the 5th test went down to the wire! I managed to catch the last 2 overs in my hotel room, whilst everybody else in the building were watching Liverpoolv Real in the bar Mind you this was Manchester Trafford park hotel next to the airport and there were a lot of people about. I am looking forward to the 20/20 match this Sunday Regarding flat pitches, IMO we ought to bring the groundsman over here to look after the roads
  11. Well, we ended 80/3, some vicious bowling at the end, I thought Petersen was gonna get his head knocked off on the last ball of the day. We'll need 200 at least so that we can have a go at them for the last 30 overs or so, but it looks like a draw I see that sidebottom is out of the one day series with an achilles problem, ouch. I've got to go to Manchester tomorrow to do with work so I'll be looking for a TV with skysports to get the end of the match
  12. as the 5th test peters out, what's the general consensus regarding these boring flat pitches? teams are able to easily hit 500+, what about the referal system, what a joke that has been especially today, I've had a day off work today and was expecting to see some good play, but it's been pretty poor all day. lets hope the 1 dayers and the 20/20 are better. Roll on the Ashes series
  13. I have one it's a 50 foot reel of film (super 8), from I think, a concert in Canada, Jones has his cymbal draped over his keyboard, it's B&W and there's no sound, and it looks like it repeats itself at some point, I have only looked at it twice, a collecters only item. I wish now that i'd given it to Pagey for the DVD, as he was after bits like this.
  14. Yeah I feel the same way about Kettering
  15. A friend of mine had the same, and it very was painful
  16. Jimmy has been known to trap his finger in the doors of trains, fall over and break fingers. But ten years or so ago he was admitted to hospital for a stomach operation, I never read anymore about it, but was wondering what it was, maybe appendicitis?
  17. chimp


    Led zeppelin 'died' nearly 30 years ago, longer ago than the age of many who use this forum.
  18. that's probably got something to do with having young sons. Wonder what team he / kids support, I reckon Chelsea?
  19. "Just sits watching football on the telly" Ha Ha, when chris evans interviewed Page on TFI Friday some years ago he asked him what team he supported, Jimmy replied he didn't watch football. I have just literally finished reading the book, found it ok, obviously i'm looking for things in the book that i didn't know about the band, things that happened etc, things that happened in the last 20 years say, anyway i'm glad i've read it, a bit steep at a score from WH Smith, but never mind, What we really need Mr Page is an autobiography please.
  20. Knebworth Aug 11 I didn't do anything stupid, but i did witness a loving couple having a shag in a sleeping bag whilst the band played!
  21. They were supposed to go to Bray the week after. Windsor was the last rehearsal.
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