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  1. he very nearly did join the Stones after Taylor left, after an audition Keith offered him the job, but Rory said, 'no thanks mate, i don't really like your music' that's true as well
  2. I loved Rory, you wanna check this geezer out http://www.gwynashton.com/ he plays with Mccavoy and Mckenna on occasions, he plays just like Rory, i have seen him many times, So has Robert Plant, see Gwyns diary from Feb 2005. an awsome blues/rock guitar player, not sure about your singing though Gwyn
  3. QUOTE (chimp @ Jan 7 2009, 07:16 PM) Jimmy Page is 65 on Friday, I don't think i'd wanna be tossing it off round the world on tours at that age, would be a bit knackering he must feel up for it though I think we'd all find that a little surprising. As well as knackering. sorry mate English slang
  4. Jimmy Page is 65 on Friday, I don't think i'd wanna be tossing it off round the world on tours at that age, would be a bit knackering he must feel up for it though
  5. I have got myself two tickets to see Jeff beck at the Albert hall in July, I'm really looking forward to seeing this genius at work, Does Jimmy Page still have a private box there? If so I'm sure he'll be in attendance and i shall look out for him.
  6. chimp

    Plant honored with CBE

    Mangani, what battle is that in the picture, was it spion kop?
  7. chimp

    Plant honored with CBE

    The Queen is your head of state and you're descendants of convicts sent out on transportation ships in shackles so subjetcs you remain
  8. chimp

    Plant honored with CBE

    OBE = Officer of the order of the British Empire. Well done Mr P! but Mr P may be the type to refuse or hand it back, hope not of course.
  9. Chump? Merry Xmas Big Dan, is that what your wife calls you See you're in greenwich, where the time means more than the rest of the country
  10. It's odd about Robert, I was amazed when checking the credits of his 66 to timbucktoo album, he cited all those people he wanted to thank for his career, there was no thanks for peter Grant, how odd i remember thinking. UNLESS I'M BLIND
  11. The Elvis thing was quoted from a book that i have, which was written by TBL editor Dave Lewis (he should know) I was at the second show that year, so I do have some credibility It's nice to see healthy debate on here, and some people are easily wound up You won't find a bigger zep fan than me
  12. It's Cliff and the Shadows, for the last time ever it says, can't wait
  13. He didn't say 'with Led Zeppelin' either. 'For' and 'with' could meant two different things.
  14. His vocals at Knebworth made him sound like Elvis, and he was using harmonizers to.
  15. Not many, Bruce Dickinson maybe? I do seem to recall that it's probably more so these days than in the 60s, as i've read many an interview stating such with some vocalists as they get older that is.
  16. Basically, Robert Plant couldn't 'sing', he has an untrained voice that he used to scream his way through songs as a youngster, when he got to his mid twenties his voice was damaged and he needed surgery, after that he 'sang' in a lower register, used vocal harmonisers on stage and avoided to some extent screaming. He probably 'sings' better now than at any other time in his career, if he'd had vocal training as a young man he may have started out differently to what he did. To call him a singer is an insult to trained vocalists, he used his voice to make a trade mark, that trademark ended i
  17. Jim, Have you ever played 'Bar Billiards'
  18. Is that the first 'full band' to be gone? Looks like a reunion on the other side then.
  19. RP has made some good and bad music since 1980, I remember buying 'Pictures at Eleven' the day it came out, then when 'The Principle of moments' came out you could sense a change somewhat to do with the technology of the era creeping into the sounds and writing, I started to lose interest in RPs music. Then bang, Live Aid was here, and I sat there with baited breath for 'Zeppelin', so they say say it was crap, I didn't think so, loved every shit minute of it. Since that day there has been rumours about tours virtually every two years, and virtually every time RP has been blamed for scuppering
  20. Well, the beeb picked it up from their local sections, in this case Devon, considered it worthy news and stuck it on national teletext, page 124, it's still there now.
  21. Seems my thread has been locked even though it's aan updated news story from here in England, sorry guys but there is a world outside of the USA.
  22. IMO the new band needs an English singer, it would cheapen the heratige to have a poodle headed American in an English band
  23. I can't see why they can't go out as Led Zeppelin, I remember an article from many years ago saying that RP had 'sold his share' of the band, if he was bothered about it he'd play with them.
  24. So Plant feels happy to sing Zep tunes with some hill billy sort but not Zep??? Very odd, very odd, what about Rainbow fans?, imagine them. Ritchie Blackmores new band beggars belief
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