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  1. They may go out on the road as 'The Firm'
  2. that's exactly what I was thinking.
  3. He had cancer, Strange i didn't know he was ill and he was also due to tour with Gilmours band soon. sorry to admin, I posted this again in the news section and hadn't seen that you moved it, thought it had disappeared.
  4. The Pink Floyd keyboardist has passed away it has just been announced today.
  5. Kettering Town V Kidderminster Harriers , Saturday October 18th 3pm, Mr Plant may turn up
  6. chimp

    GQ Awards

    It was on BBC news 24 entertainment section, all three on stage, Plant spoke of gettting one gig together in 28 years (?) page applauding after, IMO, they are holed up rehearsing, bring it on baby, If i find any vids on the BBC i'll post a link
  7. Plant will be involved when he's finished with Krauss, I imagine that the other three are getting a head start with the music and RP will come along with the lyrics, they'll probably be comunicating by the internet with ideas etc.
  8. Miss Honeydripper, are you coming down the A1? If you are i might be interested in a lift, I live off there along from Brampton/Huntingdon( about 10 miles). i wouldn't mind coming along, i went to the Aug 11th show at Knebworth. Cheers, ian
  9. I was at Aug 11th gig and i was 14
  10. It's weird cos I was at the aug 11th show and i was 14 and a half years old, was very taken aback by the amount of people there, the lasers, a hotdog cost a £1 that was robbery this was 28 years ago! but after that I was hooked, i never got o2 tickets but am hoping for a tour a few nights at the NEC will do.
  11. As i'm one of the unlucky bastards that will not be at the dome on Monday through no ticket, but in any case i wouldn't have been able to go as i have a Bar Billiards match that evening , and i have seen them before in concert so i'm not that bothered I'm wondering and expecting that come tuesday morning there will be lots of mobile phone footage on you tube
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