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  1. Really? - I have always loved this show. But I will absolutely give it another listen under scrutiny. - I think its the intimate atmosphear that I like.
  2. Just get him both....seriously. The BBC sessions is absolutely fantastic, cd 1 containing a variety of sessions from their early career ZepI to ZepII then CD 2 - WOW! - you get to experience Led Zeppelin at thier tightest during the ZepIV stage of their career. BUT, what makes this so special is the intimate environment they are playing it, you can hear everything - all the subtleties that you miss in a big stadium gig you gain here - very reccomended HTWWW - is just pure 72 zep on the way to world domination, playing their hearts out in an amalgamation of two great concerts. The Kevin S
  3. This topic is getting so drawn out. Its obvious that for whatever reasons the 77 tour doesn't hold as much magic as others. Whether its Jimmy's playing which is undoubtably suffering more often than not, or other factors. I just don't think you will ever get the two sides of the fence to agree. We are split between two groups: Those that won't have a bad word said against Zep and seem to be blinded, and those that listen to every show and know each note. Its simply a recipe for never agreeing and on this topic - it could go forever. I love the 77 set list but thats the only thing,
  4. Finally - yes finally, brought the updated TSRTS. Its just a millstone this whole episode for me. Both film and soundtrack riddled with poor edits. I had hoped the shirley mix might have flattened out some of the obvious cuts.....and to a certain extent it has. But overall my opinion hasn't changed, wished I hadn't brought it. Too many better Boots out there. Example, the cut in D&C at 5.25.....WHAT??!!
  5. crunged

    Four Sticks

    Great Version - muddy recording. SBD of the Copenhagen show would be a grail indeed!!
  6. This personified on the recent o2 gig. A friend of mine was chatting to a woman who went on free hospitality tix. He asked her what it was like and she said she didn't really like it and that she spent most of the time at the free bar......but she thought she recognised one tune. Funny, indeed a sign of the times. Anyway, im sure there is a seperate thread for 02 corporate hospitality bashing
  7. My two cents. I think when any band can truly sit back and say...."well boys we have finally made it", the live spontinuity seems to take a bit of a dip. Where Zep are concerned (for me) 72 crosses over the peak of their playing. They had broken album sales, they had broken concert attendances - it really showed them the fruits of their labour and I think (as someone posted earlier) it almost made them think...lets take the staging up a notch for the 73 tour. 70-72 seems to me to be just them on a stage playing their hearts out - music over style?, 73 onwards is the lighting, dragon sui
  8. What a solo on SIBLY indeed, he just JUMPS into it, love Pagey in 1970.
  9. Any decent SBD's around for these dates or at least good AUD recordings?
  10. Overall I love this show, its from my fave year and they really seem to be playing well off each other especially Bonzo, who seems to be giving it his everything. This I found expecially clear in SIBLY, where his drum fills are just so fluid. (ive missed of the stick drop in Black dog ) Plants voice on a whole is spot on, a few cracks but very very minor. Jimmy is firing on all cylinders and John Paul Jones the usual back bone of the group. Fantastic Soundboard too, just a shame it misses off Celebration day. Thoughts? Was anyone at that gig?
  11. Im not even sure what this thread is about but this made me laugh... "The song" from the PG album....fantastic. Ok i'll pick one...er....."Custard pie"?
  12. I was thinking its from the WLL jam from a different night to the one/ones on the DVD?
  13. Great pics - Also - GREAT pics of the Nine Inch Nails gig - i was there too, great night.
  14. Easily the best thing about the new TSRTS DVD. I can certainly see the difference in quality regarding film - however I would swap in a second to see a whole complete MSG concert in this quality compared to the end result of TSRTS. Which brings me onto the dissapointment in lack of usable footage for OTHAFA from the new dvd. The quality is certainly better but my dissapointment is the compilation of non related shots during Jimmy's solo and throughout the whole song. Anyhoo, to see them rocking to Celebration day complete with the new kevin shirley mix couldn't make me happier. Am I a
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