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  1. greengrass


    Cool... i got my own picks and this is definitely one of em.
  2. greengrass


    Hey , nada man! Just a 3 day weekEND! http://grooveshark.com/#!/album/Zappa+Picks+By+Larry+LaLonde+Of+Primus/7293273
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  4. greengrass


    Not many people appreciate FZ ... but hey , " I wrote a song about dental floss , but did anyone's teeth get cleaner?" Lalonde's one of my favorite guitar players. Dint you post a Possessed vid somewhere ? You've heard "Blind Illusion" ? Les-n-Ler CACA did a great job there covering all that , its just their name sounds like shit.
  5. greengrass

    Make me laugh!

  6. greengrass


    Sorry it took me so long to intro myself but, 31 posts later ... better late than never , eh. Been a Zep fan for ... since they started. Seen them twice - 73 in Albuquerque and 75 Dallas.
  7. greengrass

    Memorable Movie Moments

  8. greengrass


    1st time i heard it , i was like wtf ... but , its all good. Heres the setlist 01. John The Fisherman 02. "Bob" and the Proverbial Mindspread 03. Les's Pubic Hair Transplant chatter 04. Silly Putty 05. Chatter.... 06. Thing That Should Not Be 07. reggaeish beat song 08. I Am Robot? 09. Atomic Punk 10. Closing Time 11. 8 Days A Week Buckethead Jam 12. Tommy The Cat 13. ~Tommy 14. Here Come The Bastards
  9. greengrass

    Your Username...why'd you choose it?

    lol I was almost Van Zeppelin but , i thought nahhh. Wally Hood was morphed from a Hollywood shotglass that sits on my desk .
  10. greengrass

    What's your zodiac sign?

    Gemini / Cancer cusp June 21st
  11. greengrass

    Sleep just won't come...

    Well that most certainly sucks. Hope ya get some rest , the louts not worth losing sleep over..
  12. greengrass

    Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    A few years later n a little bit greyer .
  13. greengrass


  14. greengrass


    Not a prob , Yeah its pretty awesome.
  15. greengrass


    "I am gopher boy, pondering reality, I am gopher boy, Who will buy my raspberries?"
  16. greengrass

    Primus Sucks

    Even Les concurs with thread title.
  17. greengrass

    Primus Sucks

    I dint see ya thread or i woulda posted Primus stuff there.
  18. greengrass

    Metal - Kill 'Em All!

    Hey this doent have to be all thrash . Post other genres of Metal ... i really dont care lol just as long as its Metal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSIigqc_sDM
  19. greengrass

    Metal - Kill 'Em All!

    I was at this show -.
  20. greengrass

    Metal - Kill 'Em All!

    Thats some epic Metal rite there ^ for sure... cheers
  21. greengrass


    Dint mean to go off topic on ya thread lol but hell , metals where its at for me. Anthrax - Pantera cover. Joeys one cool cat , met him in 06 Corpus Chrispi Tx .
  22. greengrass


    Indeed and Slayer... still sad aboot Jeff passing , but Holt is holding his own. Exodus also kicksmajorarse.