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  1. I don't know, maybe he keeps saying he'll play "next year" just to tweak all the people who get worked up about it. Not trying to be rude about it, but it's not as if he owes us. He doesn't have anything to prove. He doesn't owe it to us to tell us what he does with his life, what his priorities are now. He doesn't even owe it to us to make merch that each of us might want to buy (for the record, I've never bought any of the jp merch and probably won't but it has nothing to do with having a beef with him; I'm just not a merch person, not counting albums). You don't have to buy merch or remasters or anything, even concert tickets if he does tour. By all means, doubt that it'll happen. I'm not convinced that it will happen, even if Jimmy really wants it to, because just like the rest of us I'm sure sometimes he finds that things are difficult. He's probably not lying when he says that if he were to play live he would do this, or that he would like to play live maybe. I'm sure he does mean it, which again, is no guarantee, and isn't as if you bought tickets and he cancelled at the last minute and you were screwed out of a refund. But yeah, doubt but don't take it personally, because it's not personal. I know that part of the ritual of Jimmy suggesting that maybe, one day, he might possibly like to play live again, is that LZ fans have to bitch about how he doesn't follow through. I should be used to it. But come on, that's pretty old, too.
  2. It would be lovely! If it actually happens, I'll be as shocked as I'll be thrilled. I do hope it's true, the time is right, but then again I'm realistic about it.
  3. Brenna

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I just want to say that after a long day it's such a pleasure to look at some lovely Jimmy pics. Thank you all!
  4. Brenna

    Hi everyone

    Ah, moving. By "underestimated" I meant delayed until next week. I can't wait to have it done and over with! I never want to see my stuff in boxes again!
  5. About seven for the time I've been actively into them, but of course I'd heard them before. When I did start listening to them, I was so excited, because I realized that these were a lot of the songs I'd heard when I was a kid and had really liked, but never knew anything about. I'd spent a lot of years looking around for music that sounded like this half-remembered music and nothing ever quite measured up.
  6. Brenna

    Hi everyone

    Sorry to de-lurk and disappear again! And sorry to bring up a thread from a month ago. I underestimated how crazy everything would be! A week or so more and I think I can begin my "official" de-lurking.
  7. Brenna

    Hi everyone

    Hello, everyone! I've been lurking around the forums for quite a while, and with another set of remasters coming up I figured I'd better join so I don't wear out my friends' patience. I like lots of music, pretty much anything that catches my ear, although I have an admitted weakness for heavy guitar riffs. A friend has been trying to teach me guitar, but I'm not so sure it's catching. Maybe I'm just better at listening to it than playing it! I live in the Detroit area right now, but I'm moving to Massachusetts in a few weeks. I have a kitty, but I promise not to talk about her too much. The less said about my career the better. Anyway, I look forward to sharing the LZ love!
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