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  1. Wow Steve... you definitely earn your salary! Lots of good information, thanks
  2. Upon further investigation, I still I am not sure what I have. Jimmy is the producer, no mention of Peter. There is no 'So Mote it Be', but on the side that had the inscribed 'do what thou wilt' there is another inscription that says 'Mastercraft PF', all the other inscriptions are obvious done by hand, but those two are in cursive script. There is a lot of hand-gouged letters and numbers that mean nothing to me. I tried to take a pic of the inscriptions in the vinyl but that has proved to be all but impossible using my iPhone. Thanks again, Steve, I appreciate the information
  3. so interesting! but, suggestion for the good folks at icon: don't play music underneath the interview! It makes it hard to hear at times. Just a weird choice...
  4. 'Do what thou wilt' I read, forget where, that the original pressing of III had 'Do what thou wilt' inscribed in the vinyl. As fate would have it, I was at a thrift shop about 20 years ago and bought III, as I wanted to get the pinwheel-thingy. And, I decided to look if it has that inscription and it did. I was pretty stoked until I thought that maybe it isn't rare at all. Are these rare at all? Or are there scores of these floating around? thanks Steve!!
  5. agreed. which is why I think that the whole idea of 'most disliked album' is a crazy, ridiculous notion on its face. Most disliked???? Whaaa?
  6. crazy notion, in of itself but, sorry for anyone who already made this comment: it was a jones-centric album, hence, to me, a slightly (ever so slightly) feel to it. JPJ, take it away: Q: But eventually you got to the situation where you [JPJ]wrote more of In Through the Out Door than he [Jimmy] did, because he was scarcely in the studio... JPJ: "Well, mainly because I had a new toy. I had this big new keyboard. And Robert and I just got to rehearsals early, basically, as I said... actually I'm not sure I'd say that in this interview... With Zeppelin writing, if you came up with good things, and everybody agreed they were good things, they got used. There was no formula for writing. So Robert and I, by the time everyone showed up for rehearsals, we'd written three or four songs. So we started rehearsing those immediately, because they were something to be getting on with." from Uncut
  7. Shakin' All Over, from Tribute to Johhny Kidd and the Pirates (Sound check Minneapolis, 1/17/75, I think) And soon as that is over I am going queue up the Whole Lotta Love Medley (3/25/71, London) to listen to the 1-2-3 punch of 'Mess of Blues,' 'Honey Bee' and 'Lemon Song' eff yeah!
  8. Thanks everyone!!! I hope to see y'all around here regularly
  9. Would anyone be able to help me ID which show this poster is from? Any help is appreciated! (sorry, I am not sure why pix are turned sideways, they aren't on my computer. Ugh)
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