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  1. Jason was interviewed on Radio 2 on wednesday, and how proud was he to have been part of mondays show. Link to Chris Evans page on radio 2 web site The above link should take you to the chris evans page on radio 2 where there is another link direct to the interview with jason. Sorry if this has already been posted elsewhere but i havent noticed it.
  2. Dave Grohl has always been a huge zep fan and like all of us (not that im a musician) would love the idea of being part of such a band, how many of us have dreamed that we could play like bonham, and that we were there beating the drums behind plant/page/jones, i know i have. And surely the fact that JPJ played on the foo fighters In your honour album means that he has a degree of respect for both Dave Grohl and the foo fighters. I was sat 2 rows in front of DG and trust me he was shouting singing cheering and clapping like any of us mere mortals :-)
  3. Naoimi cambell bumping into me as she stumbled back after trying to climb over the back of the seats to get to her seat, with her reputation i just didnt say a word and went quietly about my business of going for a beer :-)
  4. Dave Grohl was sat 2 seats behind me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Just a thought but to my mind last night wasnt about zep making money or setting themselves up for a big bucks world tour which lets face it they dont really need, maybe it was as it was billed, a tribute to Ahmet Ertegun, as far as i see zep just played their part in that tribute without really making as much out of it as they seriously could have done.
  6. Have just put about 6 brief clips on you tube, not the greatest but still makes me tingle watching them
  7. It all sounded damn good to me, then again i know nothing about music but perhaps thats a good thing.......a little knowledge is a dangerous thing as the saying goes. Dont think i have ever been to a gig and tried to recreate the bad sound in the car on the way home, i had better things to do in the car like listen to mothership very loud and sing along :-)
  8. Dave Grohl certainly enjoyed himself, clapping singing and cheering along like a good un, and with a huge smile on his face all the time too. Me, i just feel priveleged to have been their to see one of the greatest rock bands in history. :-)
  9. Thank you thank you thank you. Now i know why rock is in my soul :-) Merry christmas one and all as today is christmas day :-)
  10. Have just got home, i have seen some bands, and been at many special gigs, but tonight.............Well ladies and gentlemen, LED ZEPPELIN are the greatest ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://aolpictures.aol.co.uk/ap/myAlbums.d...1197339461368.3 Dave Grohl was sat behind me, eddie jordan in front, an naoimi cambell bumped into me as she was dancing.What a night :-)
  11. http://aolpictures.aol.co.uk/ap/myAlbums.d...1197339461368.3
  12. Not sure there will be many touts in the immediate area as O2 staff patrol the area and keep touts out, so you may need to be a bit further afield..i.e off O2 property, to find touts. Good luck :-) damn im so excited and lucky to be going
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