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  1. Thanks for your lovely comments T&B! I think PlanetPage has proved that the interviewer was Royston Ellis, who knew Jimmy. So that must be how it came about. We're ever so glad it took place! No comment about the amount of news! But it's quite surprising how many well known musicians are in the Channel TV archive, considering it's such a tiny patch. This is our Rolling Stones footage that we uploaded the other week: https://vimeo.com/104099605 Many thanks! Again, all the credit should go to Dawn. I only stuck it on the internet! It was taken from the original 16mm film. Wow, well I'm so pleased that everyone seemed to enjoy it! I'm sure Dawn will be equally as happy when she returns from holiday and I show her this forum. Cheers, Rob (DRD)
  2. Wow! Thanks for your comments all! This is an incredibly friendly place! I don't think my second post will match the heights of the first, but I can offer a bit of background to the footage. I work for ITV Channel TV (in the Channel Islands), and recently our absolutely brilliant librarian Dawn has been going through the mountains of 16mm film that's in our archive, sorting the wheat from the chaff, digitizing the good stuff and discarding the rubbish stuff. The footage comes from an old Channel Islands programme called 'Studio Wednesday', it was written down in the film can as 'Children's Art', so not the most inspiring of titles, and was shot in the Channel Island of Guernsey. I honestly believe in anybody else's hands the footage would have been discarded, but thanks to Dawn's diligence and the fact that she's a massive Led Zep fan, her ears pricked up when she heard the name 'Jimmy Page'. Am I correct in saying that this is the second earliest TV interview with Jimmy? As you all know, the band spent some time in Jersey during 1975 when RP recuperated from his car accident. They played a gig at Jersey's West Park Pavillion on December 10th 1975. I really wish we had some footage of that!
  3. Hello, first post, I hope you may find this interesting. It's an early June 1963 TV interview with Jimmy that's recently been rediscovered. In it he says that he sees music as a way of funding his art. Mission accomplished, I think. Here's the link: http://vimeo.com/105653705 Cheers, DRD
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