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  1. Without a doubt, March 21, '75. Now we have it on soundboard. Superb version.
  2. Probably the best show from the 75 tour, next to the final LA gigs. TU the band still can't get it done to perfection, guess the fast pace of the tune just tripped up the band too many times. Nevertheless, if you have to have one show on soundboard (to date) from the '75 tour, this is it.
  3. Oh yeah, baby! And now we've got 1971-09-23 Budokan soundboard! 101. Introduction by Goro Itoi 102. Immigrant Song 103. Heartbreaker 104. Since I've Been Loving You 105. Black Dog 106. Dazed And Confused 107. Stairway To Heaven 108. Celebration Day 109. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp / That's The Way 201. Going To California 202. What Is And What Should Never Be 203. Moby Dick 204. Whole Lotta Love 205. Communication Breakdown
  4. Soundboard quality is good. Cranking it right now through these headphones and I have zero complaints. Actually sounds analog warmish to me. If that makes me any sense. Rock And Roll. - Percy's voice cracks and is raspy but we already know that for the most of this tour, his voice sucks anyway. The band plays well. Full throttle. High Energy. Pretty good mix, also. Bonzo is force of nature. JPJ plays well. No complaints. This version seems a bit shorter than other versions from this tour. Sick Again. - Again, solid. Band is working very well together. Bonzo is the glue for this band. No
  5. http://www.nme.com/news/the-rolling-stones/88905 October 9, 2015 Keith Richards criticizes 'hollow' Led Zeppelin and says The Who are 'all flash'
  6. While Bonham may play with the tempo, I don't see why that's a compelling reason to find this rendition of TU a joy to listen to. It's Page's all out, wild guitar playing that makes this tune exciting to listen to. Page does everything possible. He's wiped out by the end of it. Just listent to SIBLY right afterwards. In a word, PATHETIC. It's the most forgettable rendition the band ever performed. Page completely ran out of gas after playing TU. Sorry, but my description of TU stands. It's not Bonham that makes this tune exciting to listen to. He's integral to the pace of the tune but it's P
  7. Not sure I agree with this description. The only and I mean only thing that makes this version of TU an absolute dazzler is Page's wild playing. Bonham is mostly playing the timekeeper during this tune. He's the least interesting aspect of this rendition. Excellent drum rolls? No more excellent than plenty of other renditions. What makes TU exciting is Page. PERIOD.
  8. Try the entire LA stand! Ha! Nothing compares to it. Question answered and discussion over.
  9. Somehow, with each new soundboard that gets released, you keep thinking that you're going to hear something really different from Zep. But ultimately, you don't. They played the same set lists over and over and if you were lucky, maybe you got one extra tune not scheduled on the menu. Once you've heard Page a few hundred times, his playing doesn't impress as much like it first did. There is not one show in '77 that holds a candle to the series in LA, not even NY. FT. Worth is good but after a listen or two not sure I'd spend more time on it.
  10. Since I speak the truth, you shall read. First, I like the quality of this soundboard mix. It has a warm sound to my ears. It's warm and "analogy" if that makes any sense. Song Remains The Same Punchy, the band is lock, stock, and barrel with each other. Page sounds good. He doesn't sound exhaused or sloppy, like he does on later shows from this tour. Bonham is the engine behind this one. He's packs a whollop and then some. Again, Bonham isn't going apeshit like he does on with SRTS on 6/21 but his drumming is solid, solid, and he's pounding that bass drum. Plant's voice sounds good
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