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  1. Brother Zeps, thank you. Well I was all getting ready to see the movie then it said I had to pay! LOL Well KingZoso is probably right. The movie is probably boring but their cameo is just great. I can watch it forever!
  2. Very good Zep brothers! Now I want to see the whole 60s movie cause of their appearance.
  3. Can anyone tell me, is this a movie? Or just a video. If its a movie I want to see more.
  4. Ahh! Hes so f**kin cute! I mean if I were his mother I would have been so proud.
  5. On that note. I agree I know they need to make money to live and what a great way to do it. Write of your like and include pictures that all his faithful fan will drool over. I live not to far from LA but I can not afford to go see Jimmy. I would have even taken my children to see this great man. Untouchable is that event to me.
  6. My Dear let me explain. My parents liked country Christian. It was I who got into a band called Shanana. The 50s and early 60s is where my rock n roll began. So all those legends and some I have had the great pleasure seeing them perform live are legends. In mythology you have the little stories of the stars but then you have the stories of the great gods. Those greats that you listed I sat and listened 24/7. But I cant deny the fact. Led Zeppelin are gods. So is Mick Jagger. I don't listen to all Mick's stuff but he's a god.But Zeppelin practically has its own church. I never would have liste
  7. Is it possible for a 43 year old mother of 4 girls to act like a teenage fuckin bitch and go, "I WANNA SEE JIMMY PAGE IN LA. I WANNA SEE HIM OR ELSE! I WANNA SEE HIM, I WANNA SEE HIM. " Can I throw a total bitch fit to get my way? I will tell my kids I wont be their friend. Tell my 24 year old I'll be her best friend if she buys me a ticket. Who I kidding my kids will laugh at me and tell me to get lost.

    1. num88fan


      its ok were all young at heart!

  8. I would love to see the Rock God in action! I don't care if hes playing with nobodies or his buddies. Just DO IT BEFORE YOU DIE! PLEASE. PLEASE I WANT TO SEE YOU PLAY YOUR GUITAR! COME TO LA OR PALM SPRINGS. NOT COACHELLA FEST TOO EXPENSIVE. I WILL HAVE TO START SAVING NOW!
  9. Wow so close and yet so far and probably price wise untouchable. In my home town of LA. I hope it gets on to You Tube.
  10. That's a big scarf! And the God of Rock looks so good!
  11. Wow! What great sense The Dark Lord makes and FunkyPhantom. You guys are wise. So Jimmy is into some type of spiritualism. He has made it practice it seems not to really discuss it with anyone. Maybe a wise choice. So if he believe in angels of darkness, so do I. I'm a Christian but also a rebelling sinner. And there is no way they took the time to make backward lyrics. Then how come we don't hear it backward when we hear it frontwards. All I hear are clear English lyrics frontwards And great guitar playing! And a lot of babies. And great drumming and bass playing (How Many More Times).
  12. The Father of Rock n' Roll is and always will be Bill Haley. The King of Rock n' Roll is and will always be Elvis! Long may his music live. but Zeppelin Are Gods of Rock n' Roll! Sorry the Beatles don't cut it nor the Stones. However they do have some good music. I don't care if you hate them. Think their music sucks, think that Robert puts to much Babies into his singing. Those four men are what American rock 'n roll is all about. Thank You England for those four lads. May the remaining 3 live to be a hundred or more. It will be so dark when they are gone.
  13. Page Better Than Hendrix! FACT!

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