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  1. this is actually a story tinged with sadness (all say aahh), first heard them aged 11 in 1973, got a ticket for Earls Court with a couple of friends and one of their older brothers, had to give ticket away as my mum wouldn't let me travel to London with a bloke in his early twenties she didn't know, and so it came to pass that i found myself standing in a field in 1979 on 4/8 watching what still remains some 500+ concerts later the pinnacle of my rock concert watching career, havn't got a ticket for 10/12 have you to see if they can top it?
  2. I agree, the band rarely toured after 75 anyway, even if robert agrees to do more shows it won't be a tour in the true sense of the word, but selected dates and if they do anything at all it will be in the USA.
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