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  1. Totally agree with your last line there. If you ever make your HTWWW version available, let me know. Thanks Steve.
  2. We do have Winston's remaster "How the West Was Redone" where he took the separate tracks from the 5.1 surround sound DVD and did some remixing. It's a definite improvement over the official HTWWW CD, IMO as the sounds 'breathes' a bit more. Less brickwalled, JPJ's playing comes out much clearer. My only complaint for lack of a better word, is it lacks some of the punchiness of the Shirley mix. Steve, my ears would loves to hear your attempt at that project!
  3. Steve, Could you send me a link please and thank you!
  4. I know right?! I'd love to hear HTWWW get the Steve treatment.
  5. I suspected that was the case, but thanks for confirming - much appreciated. 


  6. Unfortunately No Quarter is the same as the 2007 release.
  7. 15 years after its release we’re still wondering...
  8. Every live Zeppelin release has had nearly every Plantation cut. I don’t think anyone involved cares about affecting the flow of an official release when it come to cutting the between songs chatter. That has zero effect of whether a recording gets released.
  9. I don’t have the best ear, but that sounds no different to me. Disappointing.
  10. God I hope not. Japan 71 dominates this in every way.
  11. The 2003 release was very brickwalled. Can a remastering actually improve the sound enough to address this? Or will the remastered version sound essentially the same? I’m guessing an actual remix is what would be needed.
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