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  1. Maharg

    Hi everyone

    Thank you Strider. Skegness on east coat of England, in fact it's Down By The Seaside.
  2. Maharg

    Hi everyone

    Thank you Pagefan55
  3. Maharg

    Hi everyone

    Been a Zeppelin fan since 1970 when I was 19 years old, so you can all work out I'm a guy getting a bit long in the tooth. In my earlier teens I had been a huge Beatles fan and also liked The Stones, Who and Small Faces to some degree. However with the release of Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967 I thought well that's it then, the Beatles have finished it all, popular music is dead and buried because how can anything ever match that in the future. But I'm pleased to say I was so wrong. Went to a friends Christmas party in 1969. All having a good time, chart music blaring out. Then somebody said they would put on their new LP they had got for Christmas. Wow, what the hell is that, I thought. My ears had heard nothing like this before. What a sound. I rushed to the record player and picked up the empty sleeve and discovered I was listening to Whole Lotta Love from Led Zeppelin 2. At last, something that really stirred me. The void left by The Beatles was over. Couldn't get over it. So after that Christmas holiday went out and bought my own copy. Then it dawned on me if this is Led Zeppelin 2 there has to be Led Zeppelin 1 so off I went and got that. Fantastic. From then on I was buying New Musical Express and Melody Maker every week to learn what I could about the band. I was so obsessed I even started a scrap book to stick pictures in that I could find anywhere despite by now of course I was 20 years old! Anyway bought every subsequent album released and the band has been in my heart ever since through all The Good Times, Bad Times. My wife does not share my passion for the band and neither did my daughter when she was still living at home. Oh well. Looking forwards to being part of this forum and reading fellow fans contributions. Maharg