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  1. Was anyone else there? Which show? There were three I believe. I was at the one on January 20th (I think...) It was very cold and windy out that night. I'm thinking they opened with "When the Levee Breaks." Did any of those shows open with that song? If so, can you remember the order of the other songs? I'm trying to put them in order of when played. I have a profile over at Setlist, and I think whoever put the setlist on my concert is wrong, both with the actual songs played and what order they were in. Does Jimmy read these posts? I bet he has copies of their setlists from then! I would LOVE to see them! I just watched Led Zeppelin 2012 720p over at YouTube (Thank God for THEM!), and I was blown away all over again! It was Superb! Jimmy Page is the BEST guitarist EVER! Even though I love Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page is much better. Maybe if Jimi would not have died, he could've come close to Jimmy Page, but never surpass him. There are a lot of other guitarists I love and enjoy, but still, none better than Jimmy Page! I hope the band does do more reunion concerts (and make it to Chicago!!!), or just get together for good because together is where they belong, and is when they do their best work. Apart, they are so-so and don't shine all that much, UNLESS they do a song from Led Zeppelin days, but it isn't the same as the original members doing it TOGETHER. No magic. Nonetheless, whoever they are playing with, the Zep songs walk away with the honors, hands down. Together, they pack a wallup like no one else can. Perfect chemistry and execution. If the Stones can still pack stadiums playing their best songs (from when Mick Taylor was with them), Led Zeppelin sure can, and then some!!!
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