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  1. I've played around a bit doing this with SoundForge. Just curious what settings/adjustments achieved the optimal results (in your opinion).
  2. ALS is in my top 5 best. Its my #1 for shear brilliance factor in layering the "guitar army". And Bonzo is insane yet controlled - in typical fashion. What I've always liked is listening to the sections in Dazed And Confused live (the San Francisco bit) that formed the basis of ALS, and then listening to how the song finally sounded. That really highlights how far Page went with just a basic idea. There was one version of DC (maybe Naussau 1975) where he plays through the ALS opening chord sequence just before starting the San Francisco/Woodstock bit. Has anyone else noticed this?
  3. I love the B-bender stuff - it really adds a cool new thing to an already awesome song, and it allowed Jimmy to jam out little licks that helped fill in the layered studio brilliance. Believe me, I'm not knockin' Jimmy at all - I just hope to find that one version where everything just fell into place - you know, that rare magic moment!
  4. I always loved this one live. So far I think my favorite is the 6-21-77 Forum show. A few others sound better (SBD) but performances are shaky - mostly rough solo by Jimmy (IMO). What is the best one out there - both in sound quality and performace?
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