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  1. I've played around a bit doing this with SoundForge. Just curious what settings/adjustments achieved the optimal results (in your opinion).
  2. ALS is in my top 5 best. Its my #1 for shear brilliance factor in layering the "guitar army". And Bonzo is insane yet controlled - in typical fashion. What I've always liked is listening to the sections in Dazed And Confused live (the San Francisco bit) that formed the basis of ALS, and then listening to how the song finally sounded. That really highlights how far Page went with just a basic idea. There was one version of DC (maybe Naussau 1975) where he plays through the ALS opening chord sequence just before starting the San Francisco/Woodstock bit. Has anyone else noticed this?
  3. Sorry SuperDave. I was listing those that I liked for sure. Hoping for suggestions on the others and/or better versions than I listed. I guess I wrongly assumed that those who could make a suggestion know the setlists and song orders, but for the sake of redundancy and accuracy... The setlists in order were: 1977.06.21 Inglewood, California - The Forum 1. The Song Remains The Same 2. The Rover (intro) / Sick Again 3. Nobody's Fault But Mine 4. Over The Hills And Far Away 5. Since I've Been Loving You 6. No Quarter 7. Ten Years Gone 8. The Battle Of Evermore 9. Going To C
  4. Both the 21st and 23rd were great nights. If you could compile a best of LA live cd - what versions of each song would you include? So far I've got: TSRTS - 21st Sick Again - 23rd NBFBM - 23rd No Quarter - 21st ALS - 23rd TYG - 23rd Over The Top - 23rd
  5. I love the B-bender stuff - it really adds a cool new thing to an already awesome song, and it allowed Jimmy to jam out little licks that helped fill in the layered studio brilliance. Believe me, I'm not knockin' Jimmy at all - I just hope to find that one version where everything just fell into place - you know, that rare magic moment!
  6. It was on "Good Vibrations", not "California Girls".
  7. I always loved this one live. So far I think my favorite is the 6-21-77 Forum show. A few others sound better (SBD) but performances are shaky - mostly rough solo by Jimmy (IMO). What is the best one out there - both in sound quality and performace?
  8. Either it's pure brilliance, or sheer luck. Zeppelin plays a "one off show" as a charity event. If it bombs, oh well. But if it succeeds - fueling demand beyond all expectations...... Of course there must be some sort of tour, but Plant can't tour in 08 because of "prior" commitments. Tour in 2009 - 40th Anniversary of the first album release. I can feel the hype already...
  9. I don't recall this much "hype" around the 2003 Zep releases. The miracle of a one-off reunion gig does increase the buzz, but consider this: "Tune in to XM LED - XM 59 From now until May 2008, join the 24/7 celebration of the music and magic of Led Zeppelin." Why until May 2008? If not a full tour, perhaps something beyond the 02 show is not unlikely. I'm just waiting for the news the to break....any day now!
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