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  1. Now that Jimmy has completed his musical life in photos, it would be neat if he assembled a book of his art collection, including his own art dating back to his time as an art student. Also, it would be interesting if in this book, he elaborated on connections between pieces and styles of art and his own musical compositions.
  2. Is the author, Helen Grant, Peter Grant's daughter? Her year of birth (1964), and birthplace (London) seems to match. The author's stories usually have a gothic England backdrop with mystery and suspense being the driving factors in the plots.
  3. Are Jimmy's mom and dad still alive?
  4. This is my viewpoint on Jimmy's re-re mixs of the Led Zeppelin music: I feel that his energy and time would be used more to its full potential if he applied the new high tech tools of music into his own new music compositions that would reflex how he has changed and developed since the end of Zeppelin. Look at the designs and time table of Frank Lloyd Wright. His two creative highpoints were in his twenties and thirties and then in his eighties. His midlife was spent in chaos, with very little being achieved. In fact he was viewed as a 'has been' from his forties through his sixties. His creat
  5. Anyone know what became of Peter Grant's photos, documents, letters, etc in regards to Led Zeppelin?
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