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  1. Need to see or hear Greensboro May 31st Bonzo's Birthday show.... they were running really late for the show.........I was 16. All i have seen is a small video here and it said the audio was actually fro the Landover MD. show. I could be wrong and often am.
  2. Jimmy , Robert , Jonsey , Jason......feel free to drop by if you are ever in Broadway, NC......Michael Cameron The beer is on me hahaha !!
  3. Waited five years for the O2 Arena Show DVD and it came on November 20th my fifth year on the Zeppelin site and my 52nd birthday. Worth every minute of the wait. THANK YOU Jimmy , Robert , John Paul and Jason ! I was lucky enough to see Zeppelin in 1977 on MAY 31 in Greensboro NC and it was Bono's birthday.
  4. has not set their status

  5. Looks like his left ear is hurt ,he is holding it !
  6. I was there for his birthday in Greensboro NC in 1977 . Will NEVER forget it !!
  7. I saw a post here a few months back from a few people that said they loved this guy and he is a "genius" ! Not sure we are from the same planet or musical universe ! http://www.tmz.com/2008/12/14/the-worst-vo...our-generation/
  8. I have the new album(no turntable anymore,lol) and CD and love the music. I got to see old Axl perform again two years ago Greensboro ,NC and they put on one helluva football stadium worthy rock performance for 6000 people !! I should be getting my free Dr. Pepper soon if they do not file chapter 11 ,LOL !http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,458431,00.html
  9. I was disappointed in the show,mainly what a terrible guitar player from Canada mouthing on his political preferences for here in the US . He should have concentrated on his playing and learning the songs beforehand and at least purchasing a Les Paul and a Marshall setup . The singer was good and so was the NC Symphony .
  10. Anyone else in NC going to the show tonight in Raleigh ? They postponed from May 22nd till tonight . So let me say the anticipation has been killing me. Full band front and center and light show . I have no idea whom the band consist of or where they are from. I don't think Jimmy and the boys flew in ,LOL !
  11. Not funny to me either, sorry. Must have been the song ! JMO
  12. I have one for AC/DC Cheap Trick for $ 4 that year ........insane prices now ,LOL !
  13. Yes he did acknowledge his birthday,right before Moby Dick ,if my memory serves me correctly.
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