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  1. ``````````````hello Tin Tin I might be interestedjoining you to see Zep tomoprrow night I am a seriousZep fanE mail me

  2. Hi All, Sorry for the delay ..I'm on call for one of the emergency services. And I got called out. In the interests of fairness I will be drawing lots based on the replies I've received. I'll do this at 10.45pm, and will notify the 'winner' by 10:45pm. I'm not planning on asking for any more than the price stated on the ticket, plus the the £12 service charge added by Ticketmaster. If possible could this be cash on the day. Hope this seems fair to everyone. Thanks
  3. Hello. I have a spare ticket for the gig tomorrow, if anyone is interested. It has come available because my dad (who was a huge Zep fan) recently passed away. And I'm sure he would dearly love it (as would I) if a Zep fan were to go in his place. The ticket is seated (Block 417). I will be travelling down to London in the morning and aim to be there by early afternoon. Obviously if anyone wants the ticket, they would have to meet me at the venue to go through all the necessary wristbanding, etc. Thanks for reading!
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