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  1. Whether you’re a fan of the sound on this one will probably come down your preference for SBDs vs AUDs. For an almost 50 year old SBD, it’s hard to beat. Despite being in mono, the mix and clarity is quite good. On the other sources I’ve heard for this show, the vocals are buried, JPJ’s bass is too prominant and there is a fair amount of hiss and distortion. Most of these issues aren’t present on this release although there is still some overloading in certain parts (‘Friends’ is the most obvious example). There’s also a bit more detail in the high end and you’re able to hear Bonzo’s ride cymb
  2. Seriously. Have these guys been in a coma for the last 18 years. It's hard enough making money on a legitimately released product. What makes some bootleggers think they're special? If they actually figure out how to get people to stop pirating their shit, they should let the rest of the music industry know. I'm sure they'd appreciate it.
  3. None of this gets me too upset given how pristine the rest of it sounds!
  4. I appreciate the fact that they’re uncovering new sources but this disclaimer is hilarious.
  5. I’ve been listening to lots of Zep boots from every year of their career for about 20 years now and have come to the conclusion that post ’72, you have to take the good with the bad to appreciate each year. ’75 was just not a great tour. Even the shows like 2/12/75 and 3/21/75 have some cringeworthy moments but also moments of absolute brilliance. The guitar and drum breaks in the middle of ‘Dazed’ when you can hear Bonzo off mic yelling, “Again! Again! Again!’ and they’re just killing those hits. Stuff like that makes up for some of the gaffes for me.
  6. I think he's got a phase shifter or a flanger on with the speed turned up. It's the same effect he uses on the chorus of 'Sick Again' (when the "You know I'm the one you want" part comes in). It does sound really cool here.
  7. This is the second reference I've see to EV requesting this not be shared. Did they seriously ask that no one torrent the 3/21/75 show?
  8. I think a compilation DVD might be in order. Throw in Bonzo's assault on the flight attendant and Jimmy getting his hand caught in the train door. They could market it as the 'Zeppelin Tour Blooper Reel.'
  9. Hidden camera footage of the Oakland '77 trailer brawl!
  10. That makes sense. They really are very muffled and thin. The one exception is the SBD fragment from Kezar Stadium which I think sounds much better than any of the others I've heard from '73. I think some of the '77 SBD sound fine even if they're not as good as the '75 boards. It's just JPJ's bass is so thin! It's interesting to me that the first '75 board to come out (AFAIK) was the 3/4 show which I actually heard on our local classic rock station back in 1990 or 1991 and subsequently got a tape of it. There was a pretty big gap between that show and the leak of the 2/12 SBD over 10 year
  11. I'd love to know the details behind how these tapes were made, who got them and how and what specifically goes on between the owners and the 'labels' for a release like this. The '75 boards all sound so much better than those from the tours immediately before and after. I'm curious about what equipment and tapes were used. The '75 shows sound as if they were recorded on reel to reel tape while the '73 boards sound as if they were recorded on cheap cassettes. I'm assuming they're all 2 track mixes but the '75 shows do have some extra ambience to them and sound as if there may be a crowd mic lig
  12. That's too funny. I'm not a big fan of the mods at DIME but I hope they told the 'manufacturer' to go f*%k themselves.
  13. Thanks to all who shared. This really is a great group of folks who seem to genuinely love the music and offier thoughtful discussion. I've listened to the first half and it does sound very good. Not quite official release quality but very warm and well mixed. The stars of the show are Robert and JPJ, who is playing his ass off tonight. I can't say enough about how great the bass sounds on this. Bonzo is up to his usual high standards. I don't think I've ever heard any sub par playing from him. Jimmy takes a few songs to hit his stride. By OTHAFA, he's playing some nice runs. I thin
  14. 7/26 update from the Led Zeppelin News Twitter page: "The upcoming March 21, 1975 Seattle bootleg "Deus Ex Machina" has not yet arrived in Japanese record shops." Anyone want to guess over/under on whether this comes out before New Years' Eve 2017?
  15. H, everyone. I'm very appreciative of all the helpful info I've received from this forum and was hoping for some feedback on this particular show. Is there a consensus as to which version of the 5/13/73 show has the best sound? I've seen a Bertha remaster and a Dadgad remaster and it seems both have good reviews. Was curious as to what the experts here had to say. Thanks!
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