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    I'm Hannah from Cincinnati, currently studying in NYC.
    Love sharing stories and meeting new people.
    I'm here because Led Zep is truly one of the greatest, and my knowledge and love for their music keeps on growing.
    Cheers, all!
  1. I am a naturally occurring Zep fan, seeing as it runs in my family. My aunt and uncle saw them in '68 and several times after. I met Jimmy several times when he was in NY last year, and I managed to get a hug from the man himself. Also, I am a writer, and have just started a music blog which I hope some of you will check out if you're interested! I post about lyrical landmarks in New York City, some of which are going to be Zeppelin related! Here's my latest post, please comment with any feedback you have xx http://n-y-see.blogspot.com/2015/04/for-record-top-5-nyc-album-covers.html?spre
  2. Favorite bands who performed on the same bill as zep? doesn't matter whether they toured together long-term or appeared on the same lineup once. I'm sure this has been asked here in some fashion, sorry if so.
  3. I am a Cancer, born 7/9/94. I've always found it interesting that I was born on exactly the halfway point of Jimmy Page's solar return (his birthday being 1/9/44) 50 years later obviously.
  4. 250 was the max, so I was towards the very end of the line til it switched to standby. I took a risk getting there late, best of luck to you! Can't wait to hear how the event in LA goes.
  5. Yeah! That is me indeed, a friend took a video of our conversation, from which I derived this screenshot (simply had to capture that smile, Zoe! ) I wanted to get the picture disk signed, which his entourage wouldn't permit, but Jimmy noticed it and said it was good to see a Yardbirds fan. Made my week. Thanks, Strider! I was number 245, so I'm very thankful to have made it! What about you?
  6. the only important picture of me for obvious reasons, taken this past Wednesday at one of Jimmy's book signings! I've only just started using this forum, but have enjoyed reading and learning from it throughout the past several years. pleased to meet you all -hannah
  7. Does anyone know if Jimmy is doing any more press in NYC, or if he has left yet?
  8. Hello strider! I attended both the conversation and the book signing at B&N. Aside from the Q&A (in which audience members participated by submitting handwritten questions during the first half of the sho), I did not get to interract with Jimmy at the Jeff Koons conversation, and I did not purchase or receive any merchandise there. At the book signing however, I bought the book prior to the session and received a poster and lanyard afterwards. I did get to have a 25 second conversation with him, which is pretty great considering the fact that there were 250 people in line! He was not
  9. though i don't post on this forum very much, i do frequent it and love the community. definitely felt it tonight at the event too! to those who helped me find tickets, thanks from the bottom of my heart from one fan to another!
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