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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. I ride my bicycle everywhere!
  2. Haha a rare breed we are! And judging by some other posts you made, it looks like we have other stuff in common too
  3. I noticed Jimmy was on Jools Holland last night (must have been a repeat) and recorded it to watch after work today. My instant thought when I seen it was 'Oh will he mention new music/live shows?'. Since I've been on the forum, since 2014 I think, it's always been next year, next year...I'm assuming this has been going on for a while now with Jimmy? Although I'm not complaining really. I sometimes feel like we fans expect too much from people haha.
  4. Zoe

    Zeppelin Animated gifs

    Unbelievably gorgeous...
  5. Not that I'm complaining. Listened to it this morning before work and I've had it in my head all day. This song can bring me to tears. Robert's voice is beautiful in a whole other dimension.
  6. Zoe


    Hello and welcome!
  7. Welcome! I've just turned 30 and only got into Zeppelin a few years back. I'm light years behind a lot of you in discovering their magic and never even existed when they were together. I've made my peace with it, haha. I hope you enjoy the forum!
  8. I am exactly the same as you with this, haha! I hate coffee with a passion, I love tea and whiskey is my drink of choice
  9. Could not agree more! The Abbey Road medley is one of my favourite things to listen to
  10. I've said it elsewhere on the forum and I know it's a little late now but Happy 68th Birthday Robert! My favourite singer of all time
  11. Thank you! Happy belated birthday to you too! I had to look up those people you mentioned, they seem pretty cool! Definitely a step up from Joey Essex who we also share a birthday with (UK reality TV star ).
  12. Aww Strider we share the same birthday! I just turned 30! Fellow Leo like our man Robert, not that I actually believe in any of that, haha.
  13. Happy Birthday, Robert Plant! All of my love to you
  14. Zoe

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Not been on here in a while but have been listening to Zep constantly this past month. Needed to indulge in some Robert. Just in time for his birthday too. Sigh...this man
  15. Well, I've not been on here for a long time. 2015 was a tough year and I pretty much gave up for a bit. Back in time for Robert's 68th ?

  16. Blaaaaaaaaaaah. That pretty much sums it up.

    1. num88fan



  17. My long term partner's mother and grandfather both passed away this year. What a time it's been :(
  18. No Zeppelin stuff but I got a pretty decent telescope, so I'm happy! Been so busy over Christmas and New Year that I've barely been on the forum. Hope everyone had fun over the holidays
  19. The Beatles have been my first love for years, and as I've only recently discovered Zeppelin I couldn't possibly demote The Beatles from the number one spot just yet. And to be honest, I'm not sure if I ever will. I'm in the honeymoon period with Led Zeppelin where I can't stop listening to them, watching them, reading all about them (to be fair, this could last some time)...but I'm trying to remain rational when considering this question. Cause from the outside looking in, anyone would assume that Zep are my favourite band without a shadow of a doubt! I like both bands for different reasons, which I could go on about all day and night. John Lennon's voice completely touches my soul...Robert Plant's voice has such raw energetic passion, it's so powerful...gives me goosebumps. Though while it is technically better than Lennon's...John's voice connects with me on a very deep level. We had similar childhoods and I think this makes me relate more. Led Zeppelin win on musicianship...The Beatles on melody. The Beatles are my comfort, they always make me feel better. They are my safe place, my home. They make me happy with the present, with my life and how things are going. Happy to be alive, just as I am. And even though their songs are so different, every one of them brings me this comfort. Led Zeppelin aren't so comfortable...but I don't want them to be. They make me feel a whole wealth of emotions. I listen to Bron-Y-Aur Stomp and I want to take my dogs to a log cabin and go walking in the forest and appreciate nature. I listen to Since I've Been Loving You and I'm so in love yet utterly heartbroken. I listen to Going to California and I want to run away from everything. I listen to Whole Lotta Love and I want to... This juxtaposition serves good purpose though. We need these contrasts in life, I certainly do. Balance is the key in everything.
  20. Jeez Louise...I have not seen this before That situation seems like a complete nightmare to me. To be the couple getting stared at or the band watching them. All levels of awkward. Good lord. But that's just me, I'm sure there were all perfectly fine, haha. Notice Jimmy seems to be looking at the woman's face...
  21. Zoe

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Been stressing with work and uni work lately...nothing like looking at Jimmy's beautiful face to help calm me down. Lovely pics
  22. Absolutely gorgeous! You are so naturally beautiful! What a great picture, thank you for sharing
  23. Hey marlam, I'll have a look at that thread, thanks for that, and I'll check out those people too I find it all super interesting. After failing so miserably the first time I tried (to be fair I was only a kid) it just seems so scary, but this just makes me want to try even more, haha! Oh wow, that's impressive! But I guess you're right, to just go for what seems most appealing to you. When I think about it I'd probably try skiing, don't like being defeated!
  24. Poor student working for minimum wage, doubt I could afford a ticket. Can even bloody buy Page's book yet. I study a lot of physics though, so maybe one day I'll build a time machine and go back and see them when the magic was really happening
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