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  1. This morning I gave the two versions a more stringent test, playing TSRTS on both the original vinyl and the new 2014 reissue vinyl 3 times apiece and timing each trial with a digital stopwatch. (I did it three times in order to get an average time, that way to avoid any unintentional variation caused by my reaction time in tapping the start and stop buttons.) I also used a better, somewhat high end Thorens turntable (no pitch control) that I knew to be in perfect and accurate working order. This time I'd have to say the difference is less than conclusive than yesterday afternoon (which wa
  2. Just finished listening to the new Houses Of The Holy LP (vinyl) reissue and noticed that it seemed oddly speeded up - song "The Song Remains The Same" in particular is noticeable. So we A-B'd it with a new digital file and a copy of the original vinyl and even synched them - sure enough, the new HOTH is too fast (the song in question finishes 3 seconds early in fact). Has anyone else checked this out yet?
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