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  1. Thank you for the clarifacation Gabrielle. Very much appreciated.
  2. Thank you I really enjoyed that. On a side note, when the band played live and Mr Jones had such a intertwined and complicated keyboard and bass line throughout a number which instrament did he end up playing live.
  3. Oh to have been at that gig.
  4. Interesting to read the charts. Elton John and the Moody Blues have massive LP's for many years Genesis and Bowie seem to less traction in the charts.
  5. Cannot find a list of how many weeks each LP spent in the UK LP top 40. Does anyone have this information.
  6. I cannot give you the exact date but during the 80's "Various Artist" LP's were removed from the official top 40 LP chart and given their own chart. I was surprised at how few weeks their LP's were at number 1. I also wonder if they had just done a lead in single (just the one per LP) would the extra airplay have helped them (I cannot recall them getting much daytime airplay until 15 years ago). Also not doing performances for Whistle Test was probably a right thing to do at the time but has affected them in both sales at the time and the ability to show people now what a truly genious band they were at their peak. Just my opinion though.
  7. I am only going off the internet so I am not 100% sure of the accuracy but the UK chart looks like this. Led Zeppelin - Peaked at Number 6 Before : The Moody Blues - On the Threshold of a Dream. After : Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline Led Zeppelin 2 - (1 week at number 1) Before : The Beatles - Abbey Road. After : Various Artists - Motown Chartbusters Volume 3 Led Zeppelin 3 - (3 weeks at number 1) Before : Various Artist - Motown Chartbusters Volume 4 After : Bob Dylan - New Morning (Returned for an extra week at number 1) Before and After Andy Williams (Andy Williams Greatest Hits.) Led Zeppelin 4 (2 weeks at number 1) Before : Top of the Pops Vol 20 After : T . Rex - Electric Warrior Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy (2 weeks at number 1) Before - Various Artists - 20 Flashback Greats of the 60's After - Faces - Ooh La La Physical Graffiti - ( 1 week at numer 1 ) Before : Status Quo - On the Level After : Tom Jones - 20 Greatest Hits Led Zeppelin - Presence (1 week at number 1) Before : Rock Follies - Rock Follies After - Rock Follies - Rock Follies Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same (1 week at number 1) Before : Various Artists - Soul Motion After : Bert Weeden - 22 Golden Guitar Greats Led Zeppelin - In through the Out Door (2 weeks at number 1) Before : Various Artists - The Best Disco Album in the World After : Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle Coda - (highest chart posistion number 4) Before : The Kids From Fame After : ABBA - The Singles : The First Ten Years.
  8. The factual inacuracies regarding "All My Love" shocked me.
  9. Can I enquire what is the most rare/prized misprint. The equal of a Penny Black in stamp collecting for example.
  10. Thank you for the posting of the photographs.
  11. Thank you for posting the trailer. It looks rather cool.
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