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  1. anniemouse


    Thank you for the replies. Oh for the Stevie Wonder collaboration. Wonder how a session with George Clinton would have gone.
  2. anniemouse


    Did Mr Bonham ever drum for other musicians after Led Zep became megastars.
  3. The Image of the couple holding the HMV award (for singles sold 1979) is of Suzi Quatro and record producer Mickie Most. Beck Ola was spot on.
  4. I think that will be a Christmas pressie to myself. I love that Tin Pan Valley track. He sounds a great form.
  5. Robert did release the More Roar Live EP for record stare day 2015. There are three DVD 's of concerts (SSS or BOJ) or other appearances at least, but whether they are fully official is up for discussion (the David Lynch gig is definitely an official release) Not much for 35 + years of post LZ work though.
  6. I appreciate the hard work you are doing to get the images onto the forum.
  7. I read Matt Everett's Twitter feed and Season 2 is on the way.
  8. Utterly bonkers and funny. Anyone notice the cat sat on the speaker looking indignant at the chicken.
  9. Happy Birthday Robert. Hope that you had a lovely day.
  10. I enjoyed it. I love his memories of Etta James and his relationship with Ahmet Ertugun was fascinating.
  11. Sorry that this is off track of the original post, One thing that puzzles me is that bands seemed to have let their managers make poor deals in regards to streaming. Could you imagine Epstein and Grant letting their bands make virtually nothing of an income stream. RM you are correct but this lawsuit, managers in general and badly thought out strategies from labels need to change for the sake of music. Oh well all we need is the new Elvis and Lonnie Donegan to set things going again.
  12. There were some interesting figures recently that show (Uk) vinyl still on the rise the rebirth of the cassette increased anger of the closing of music venues and the dominance of digital although there have been rumours of severe losses coming to the digital platforms(or at least some) I still to this day cannot understand how record companies lost distribution. If you think of the changes over the 20th century we went from sheet music wax cylinder's, shellac 78's vinyl cassette CD's then all forms of digital. The moment the business went wrong was to not hold on to distribution. All through the other progressions the business model was constant. I wonder if there could be a massive rejection of the current system. It feels like the 1950's before R&R ridged control. I cannot imagine a band daring to do what the Beatles did or Zeppelin. In the Beatles case growing from a pop band into a trippy band arguing with journalist about drugs and all sorts of other aspects while Zep barely acknowledged the traditional media. Its not that they would not happen but it would not be allowed. They would have either been dropped or destroyed by the press.
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