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  1. anniemouse

    The Led Zeppelin III Story...

    How much of LZ III ended up in the live set?. I have seen images of them playing acoustically sat down at the front of the state. Personally I have never seen sales as a mark of quality for an Lp.
  2. anniemouse

    Underrated Band Photo

    Thank you for that. Yes it is clearly the mellotron. I am still amazed at how little kit they needed on stage to make their sound.
  3. anniemouse

    Underrated Band Photo

    in pick 1 was that the average amp set up for them onstage. If so how on earth did they get the massive sound.
  4. anniemouse

    Radio Stations that Still Get the Led Out!

    BBC 6 Music plays them on a semi regular basis and seems to play a wide range of their output.
  5. Those performance clips of the band are just amazing. Anyone who saw them during that time were so lucky.
  6. anniemouse

    Robert in conversation with Brian Johnson

    I enjoyed that. Thank you for posting the link.
  7. I am surprised what a small kit it is. Cannot get over how much power came out of that kit.
  8. I think one aspect is the segregation of the music fan. Also the lack of terrestrial tv exposure for bands in the UK is poor. Jools Holland is only on for what 10 weeks a year. No TOTP, Whistle Test or The Tube that ran for years showcasing talent in many cases live. I think Festivals being as much about business models as music (Glastonbury is nul in this point as it only pays a tenth of the going rate to bands as it is on terrestrial TV) Lack of tv exposure. Lack of DJ's who have the ability to love and understand music (be curators so to speak) rather than out for themselves. Lack of fans being brave and listening to other genres. Record companies being risk averse (I doubt Zep or The Beatles would be signed now) Record companies losing distribution and being replaced by a new model. Good bands are there. Goat and Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs. Pigs. Pigs. Pigs are interesting and Sleaford Mods are a new take on rap. IMHO. I think the music industry is in trouble.
  9. I think some of this is due to Skin working and touring with cast from April onwards.
  10. I hate the way women were treated; although that is something that the entire rock business was guilty of. The underlying air of violence is unsettling as well. On the opinions regarding Mr Bonham. Many years ago I was in the company of two opera lovers who were arguing about Maria Callis. One stated she was average; the other stated that yes she was a shadow technically of many of her peers but she exuded feeling, passion and charisma all missing from the others. Mr Bonham had something special. He shifted tone and genres in a single song making it sound natural. (Sorry I have no drumming experience to explain further) Why did they not give Robert another 6 months to recover before recording Presence. I think his vocals show he is still suffering from the injuries and nowhere near his capabilities. Also anyone who thinks Ringo cannot drum has never heard Rain.
  11. anniemouse

    Top 10 bootlegs

    Thank you that was fascinating.
  12. anniemouse

    Top 10 bootlegs

    Can I ask a daft question how easy was it to get hold of bootlegs. Surely Mr Grants controlling personality must have had an effect on their availability.
  13. Is there an argument that you as fans actually have more material (bootlegs) than the record company and band have; as theirs might have been lost, stolen and wiped?. I wonder if Zep never really thought too much about the legacy of their career until it was way too late to do anything about it. Very little in contemporary tv clips of them playing at their peak. Unreleased tracks going on the recent releases getting a mixed reception. I also find it odd that we are now celebrating a slew of classic LP's reaching 50 and wondering why new music has not got that swagger anymore.
  14. Thanks for your commentary and contributions to our LZ Carnegie Hall photo spread and associated materials!

    1. anniemouse


      Your welcome.

  15. anniemouse

    Happy Birthday John Paul Jones!

    Happy Birthday Mr Jones.