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  1. What I find fascinating is that now we have stadium bands with choreographed LED backdrops yet somehow Zeppelin inhabits such a small space on stage and still creates power and spectacle. How bands did that with limited amps and sound equipment compared to today is astonishing.
  2. Looking forward to reading reports from those of you attending.
  3. Is it possible that it could be split into time periods like the Beatles Anthology was and if the first one is well received more will follow.
  4. If handled properly this could be epic.
  5. Wow that was amazing. It also gives great insight into Bonzo's talent that he created that.
  6. Weren't Robert's dental issues due to the first bad car smash he had in the early 1970's.
  7. Has the curators done that pose deliberately so the viewer can get a better look at the guitar, rather than relying on Jimmy's style.
  8. As a newbie (ish) I am curious which bootleg from that time period would have been ideal to formally clean up and give and official release to.
  9. After the death of Scott Walker been going through a Scott / Walker Brothers binge.
  10. How much of LZ III ended up in the live set?. I have seen images of them playing acoustically sat down at the front of the state. Personally I have never seen sales as a mark of quality for an Lp.
  11. Thank you for that. Yes it is clearly the mellotron. I am still amazed at how little kit they needed on stage to make their sound.
  12. in pick 1 was that the average amp set up for them onstage. If so how on earth did they get the massive sound.
  13. BBC 6 Music plays them on a semi regular basis and seems to play a wide range of their output.
  14. Those performance clips of the band are just amazing. Anyone who saw them during that time were so lucky.
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