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  1. Wow these are amazing collections.
  2. I think that collection looks amazing. Thank you for the photographs.
  3. Very sad new indeed. My condolences to all concerned.
  4. Wasn't one of those ladies married to Rick Wakeman at one time.
  5. Thank you for the Sandie Shaw link. Never heard her version before.
  6. Thank you for the link to the Jools Holland broadcast. Really enjoyed it. Much appreciated.
  7. Can I respectfully offer my opinion. I think the guitar is a rather unfashionable instrument at the moment, although lockdown might have given it a boost with the apparent rise in people learning to play the guitar over rescent months. Lack of rehersal spaces, the rise in computer tech and solo artists having control over their work seems to be the order of the day. The lack of vision by record companies. I mentioned on another thread, could you imagine record companies allowing The Beatles to not tour at the peak of their powers. Zep would have far more battles regarding their musical adventures with their label and Bowie probably would have left the industry to do something else. Someone once mentioned here that Rock has also splintered into many sub genre's; so that has not helped either. I find Prescence and ITTOD really interesting but difficult LP's to enjoy per se. Maybe that record store just overstocked or we have the younger generation only wanting the classic Lp's IV or PG for example for LZ ro SPLHCB or AR rather than the more foundational or abstract works (I find the White LP hard work). Simply put I am just pleased that ITTOD and Pesence and The Whit LP got recorded at all as they would not get the chance now. By the way the movie industry has the same issues. Apocalypse Now, Bladerunner and a few others would have had the productions shut down becuase it is all about the bottom line now. Best Wishes Annie.
  8. RIP to a truly great musician. I cannot believe it is 40 years since he passed.
  9. Thank you for posting the link . Very much appreciated.
  10. Steve A Jones I hope that you find the information you require. I have always loved Robert's vocal on Big Log and Robbie Blunts guitar is so elegent and understated. I think that is my all time favourite Plant solo track.
  11. Wonderful new and all for a great cause. I agree; Robert and Tony working on a project would be something special.
  12. Luvlz2. Can you give me the name of the DJ annocement and the lyrics to the song as I am prepared to try and identify the mystery track. No promises though.
  13. Thank you for posting that. It is a lovely image.
  14. I am doing an Open University degree (UK) and on reading the second prescibed text book on traditions, its second chapter focuses on "The Blues". Led Zeppelin has already been mentioned twice and many of the Blues greats form the backbone of the chapter. Still reading the text and there is also an online section (not yet active) that will have piece of music that we need to study ( Bessie Smith and Blind Lemon Jefferson to name two). I am really looking forward to my course starting properly in October.
  15. Thank you for posting the link. Off to see if I can find the Tim Buckley on The Monkees episode.
  16. Sounds like you had a great time at the gig; and welcome.
  17. Happy Birthday Robert. Hope you have a wonderful day.
  18. This morning BBC 6 Music had the wonderful John Cooper Clarke (poet and rock icon ) on the Radcliffe and Maconie show, he requested an Elvis track (Blue Moon (sun session) which sounded lovely on a sunny Sunday moring . On yesterdays show they played Hearbreaker by Led Zeppelin. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000lmb7
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