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  1. I ordered 2 of these from Amazon in the UK and neither came in the cardboard box with the foam surround as shown. I have every one of these releases and they are all packed in this style or cardboard box Except how the west and song remains). I would like them all to be the same so has anyone ordered from the UK and received it in this style of box (I know I sound a bit anal on this but thats how I roll! lol)
  2. got my Presence, ITTOD and Coda super deluxes delivered from Amazon Uk and you'll be pleased to hear they are numbered copies. Don't know the numbers as with the other albums, I haven't opened them yet!! Listening to the Autorips just now!!
  3. Apparently Warner mixed up the first 30,000 copies so even if you preordered on the day it was available there was no guarantee you would get a numbered one. This happened to me with Amazon. They sent 2 copies and neither was numbered.
  4. Ive pre-ordered from Amazon and keeping everything crossed. Im hoping Warner have sorted out the fiasco of Led Zeppelin IV. My PG was numbered from Amazon so I am confident I'll get the last 3 albums numbered.
  5. Got my PG from Amazon.co.uk today and it's numbered!!!!! woohoo!!! Need to go for a lie down now!
  6. It all begins again!!! With Physical Graffiti being announced, will the UK get numbered copies. Ive pre-ordered my Super Deluxe set from Amazon UK today so I am keeping everything crossed that I get a numbered copy. At £110 I expect nothing less!!!! also a bit gutted that there is only 1 companion disc with 7 tracks on it. I was expecting much more!
  7. I received my numbered 4 from Willowbooks. Still not opened it though! Just cant bring myself to open it. I now have them all numbered and all are still unopened. Today I spoke to a record shop in Dundee who are advertising IV super deluxe on ebay with a picture of the rear cover showing the first pressing statement . I called them and as they had to stock to verify they contacted the record company. they were told that only 3500 numbered copies of IV were reserved from the UK and they were sent mixed with unnumbered copies. they could order one but couldnt guarantee that it would
  8. Simpsonj74, I was the same as you, IV not numbered but HOTH was numbered. Amazon sent me another IV but it wasn't numbered either even though the description on Amazon said the first 30,000 were numbered. However, just because the description states the first 30,000 are numbered it doesn't necessarily mean you would get a numbered copy. My willowbooks copy has been despatched and I cant wait to get a numbered copy. To superdave's comment, there will be many thousands of these produced but only the first 30,000 (which is the first pressing) are numbered. I think you might be right t
  9. I agree with Tony. I specifically wanted a numbered copy in keeping with my numbered I, II and III. Amazon advertised this as having the first 30,000 numbered, and pre-ordering on the day of release I expected it to be numbered. I contacted them about this when the item was received and they stopped the item from being purchased which you will see is still the case (Item Under Review). I have returned mine as it doesn't meet the item description and I too couldn't find a numbered copy when phoning round independent stores in the UK so had to result to buying from America. Im not di
  10. it seems no UK retailer has numbered ones, that I could find anyway. Still to get confirmation from Record Store but wasn't wanting to wait incase the Willow Brooks ones sold out. I'll let you know when it arrives. Cheers David
  11. I just bought one from Three Willow Books. they only have 1 left now. I have asked them to confirm the item is numbered before despatch just in case. Im happy to pay £12 more than Record Store to secure a numbered copy. Now I'll have all 4 numbered and they are all still sealed!! Just cant bring myself to open them. I just hope we don't have this problem with the rest of the releases. Does anyone know if all the albums are going to be released in this fashion or is it just the studio ones. Also be interesting to find out how much Physical Graffiti is going to retail at with it b
  12. just finished an online chat with Amazon and they are going to refund the price difference for Houses of the Holy as its now £78.69. That's a £21.30 refund. Still waiting on an email from Record Store regarding IV. Will let you all know when I get a reply. David
  13. I got my second copy of IV from Amazon UK and its also a non-numbered copy. Both were returned today. To add to simpsonj74' comment. I am going to call Amazon tomorrow about the price reduction and see if they can refund the difference. If not, I'll simply order it again and open a return to return the original one. I have called them before and they have refunded so I'll let you know how it goes. I have emailed Record Store to ask if they still have numbered copies. I'll let you know how that goes. David
  14. Just to add to Ron's comment, I pre-ordered I, II, III, IV and HOTH from Amazon UK. All contain the first 30,000 numbered print EXCEPT IV which is just the standard non-numbered copy. I have contacted several retailers in the UK and none of them have a numbered copy. I am baffled as to why after pre-ordering I do not have one of the first 30,000 copies. Amazon are sending a replacement (expect tomorrow) but can only assume it will be the same as the one I have. Anyone in the UK able to get me a numbered copy as I will be returning the Amazon both Amazon copies if the replacement is
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