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  1. the rest will be Corporate Singer Rulez! bands where the musicians are low paid and disposable. Thats already pretty much the situation with bassists and drummers. Soon the great guitarist will be a dinosaur except for the 3 or 4 stadium bands that are fronts for the big manufacturers. I think the U2 pinko Bono is a director on Fenders board. Really, when you think about it...even the best musical band, Led Zeppelin, is totally ruled by Robert Plant. Page can't take a shit without Plant ok'ing it. LZ music wouldn't sell if Page hadn't stumbled onto Robert Plant incredibly unique voice. Same thing for Fleetwood Mac. Think that stuff sells without Stevie Nicks voice? Or the perfect harmonic match with Lindsey Buckingham.... Its all central planning by the money bags now. They don't need any more than 3 or 4 stadium bands. You can't be a great guitarist now...you have to be a musical architect. Look at Doug Aldrich, a Les Paul player. "Hey folks, I'm quitting this monster band called Whitesnake because I'm writing this killer solo album and chit thats taking up my time now"...translation: "I couldn't buy a bowl of Fruitloops on my Whitesnake "salary" and that deadass band is finished. I'm now working the local casino playing classic rock for peanuts. There is no future in this guitarist racket" Randy Rhoads saw the writing on the wall before his little stunt plane mishap. He knew that total illiterate Ozzy ruled over guitarists and there was nothing he could do about it. So he was leaving for a university gig. Its over folks...the days of a bunch of bands starting up in garages is over. Guitars are for hanging in the den and never playing them now.
  2. They are the last of the great bands, apparently...there is nobody else right now. Its all that bleeping metal shit now. I keep waiting for this Cookie Monster metal shit to die off, but it just doesn't seem to. It's like: Tune your guitar as low as physically possible? Check. Grow caveman beard. Check. Cover entire body head to toe in tattoos? Check. Sing (actually bark) overly aggressively with no melody whatsoever? Check. Ok. You can get played non-stop on the local hard rock station and fill the pages of Guitar World magazine. Congrats!
  3. The purpose of this band as of today is to sell EVH gear. That aint gonna happen with Eddie's son playing bass. This band needs a lot more 'Panama's than 'Dance the night away'...the problem is they don't have any other 'Panama' that makes a kid rush down to the local guitar shop and buy a guitar and amp. If you're gonna clobber the audience with a continual diet of Eddie's 'brown sound' then the material better damn well be suited for it. This aint Metallica where a bunch of guitar parts are sewn together and the usual solo. Great solo's aren't enough any more. Neither are melodic hooks. Neither is bringing in Anthony to shore up the background vocals to cover up DLR's shot voice and appeal. Van Halen needs a new jaw dropping electric guitar song from beginning to end. WTF is Wolfgang doing playing bass? If he can't do the job on electric guitar then somebody without the last name van Halen is going to have to replace Edward because he is burn't out. Finito. All I see is Wolfgang posting pics of Edwards guitar stash on Instagram. And Eddie isn't going to sell guitars and amps for very long without new material. Nobody buys an EVH amp to play Led Zeppelin.
  4. I guess you never read the book 'Black Sabbath and the Rise of Heavy Metal Music' by Andrew L. Cope @ 2010. The entire book is a comparison of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbbath....an excerpt: "In this chapter I have sought to define the origins and core syntax of heavy metal and its distinction from hard rock. I have also highlighted some of the difficulties evident in current academic literature where heavy metal seems to be defined by cultural theory and sociological methods and, most importantly, without due regard for musical syntax. I have done this by offering musicological arguments to position Black Sabbath as the founders of a unique set of codes that evolved into heavy metal and Led Zeppelin (often considered to be the progenitors of heavy metal) as developing a distinct form of hard rock. As such, there appears to be a clear dichotomy in musical syntax between these two bands and their legacy." "I propose, therefore, that Black Sabbath, in a radical transgression of their blues roots, evolved a new and original form of music based on sequences of powerchords, down-tuned guitars coloured with distortion, riffs and melodic concepts based on privileged intervals such as the tritone and flat 2nd, modal contours (and judicious omission of blues and rock and roll conventions), episodic structuring and, finally, as will be demonstrated, anti-patriarchal lyrics that deal with sinister and other-worldly topics. That collocation of events became the foundation of heavy metal and as later bands reiterated that synthesis they maintained, re-emphasised and developed those generic details. Although the genre has mutated, through the adoption of techniques such as double-kicks and more complex forms of presenting angular riffs, this evolutionary development of the genre may thus be seen as an amplification of the transgressions initiated by Black Sabbath. Examples of this process are found in the emergence of thrash, death, black metal, grindcore and nu metal and this concept will be more thoroughly explored in Chapters 4 and 5. Led Zeppelin, by contrast, were as much a folk group as they were a rock band and the rock music they produced was steeped in the blues devices and conventions inherited from their days as the New Yardbirds. Such devices included the 12-bar blues, the 12-bar riff, the transient 3rd, blues scale and pentatonic major scale. This blues-based and eclectic style of rock is clearly evident in the bands (cited in the Kerrang! article) who were influenced by Zeppelin, for example, Foo Fighters, the White Stripes and Audioslave. Dave Grohl, since the demise of Nirvana, has worked on many projects including Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age, and the work of Foo Fighters is as eclectic as Led Zeppelin’s (for example, ‘All My Life’ [2002], ‘Learn to Fly’ [1999])." "It is clear, therefore, that one of the major contributing factors in shaping Black Sabbath’s unique sound was the way in which they constructed power-chord riffs based on a combination of angular intervals, such as the tritone and privileged use of flat 2nds (including chromatic lines). These riff constructions subsequently became a major building block in heavy metal. By contrast, the guitar riffs found within the rock numbers of Led Zeppelin are consistently linear and also founded on ‘stock-in-trade’ techniques/devices borrowed from the repertoire of blues and rock and roll. Harmony remains related to tonality (including the 12-bar blues) and true power-chords are seldom employed." Jimmys artistic genius is nonsense. He employed ***** STOCK-IN-TRADE****** techniques.
  5. Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads blew away anything Led Zeppelin did with their 2 albums before Rhoads got aboard that plane with the lunatic pilot who killed him. The song 'Diary of a Madman' and especially the guitar parts makes Jimmy look bush league. Even Eddie van Halen was an amateur compared to Rhoads. Rhoads was so bored mopping up the rank amateurs of the rock world that he basically quit after 2 very quick albums, bought himself a classical guitar and was about to get a university gig before he bit the dust. .. there were no challenges left. Nothing since has even come close to the pure genius of 'Diary of a Madman'....its the single greatest rock composition of all time...thats the thing...Jimmy couldn't man up and challenge it. Jimmy couldn't do a bleeping thing without Robert Plant...not a thing.
  6. Sabbath - Heavy Metal Led Zep - Hard rock (WRONG) But wait, 47% of LZ's catalogue is folk/acoustic. Only 26% of their album output can be considered original rock songs. 26% freaking percent, people. Hard rock band? I think not. LZ's rock tracks are all in the keys of A and E, use standard tunings, and hardly use power chords at all. Page borrowed every stock-in-trade technique from blues and rock and roll for his paltry rock song output. LZ was a freaking folk band. LZ was nothing more than eclectic stylisations, extreme loudness and developments in production.
  7. Jimmy didn't use the Les Paul for recording this album. That traiterous bazzard pissed off a lot of people at the Gibson guitar company.
  8. The Who's 'The Kids are Alright' is more melodic than anything Zeppelin ever wrote. Excluding Townshends stupidity of smashing guitars because he doesn't respect the guitar, the question is, Is it possible to sell hard rock quality music that doesn't sell any gear (all you need is a gibson sg special or les paul fitted with p90 pickups) or stupid hairdo's, and modelling amps, theatric nonsense, goofy soloist, and so forth. In other words, just high quality hard rock music. Will the people show up at the stadium without all the bullshit of metal antics? I don't know, the beatles are still very popular, but The Who, I'm not so sure. The Who's music is actually quite complicated yet very playable live. Changing roles of the bass and electric guitar, ...the music is a refreshing change from Page's million overdubs on every song and thus the song sucks live.
  9. Metallica's songwriting is far more sophisticated than Led Zeppelin. 'The Unforgiven', 'Fade to Black', etc blow away anything Zeppelin has to offer. And Sabbath 'Paranoid' better rocker than anything Zeppelin has. Face it...Zeppelin is a dimming star. All Jimmy the Con has going is another 5000 or so re-masters for his band of suckers.
  10. The Who was a joke. Sure, Townshend is a prolific song writer and tremendous guitarist but the songs are juvenile in nature. Fleetwood Macs album 'Rumours' is better than the Who's greatest hits.
  11. Led Zeppelin is automatically disqualified as a great band because they have no backing vocals. Even freaking Van Halen had that much. Joe Satriani is great technical guitarist. Do I care? No. Its now obvious that Kurt Cobain was a more significant guitarist than Jimmy Page. Jimmy Page is not even in the same league as Pete Townshend. Nor Lindsey Buckingham. Jimmy Page = Don Felder
  12. This guy says Jimmy is a massive fraud. Led Zep only got a class C rating...well thats better than the Eagles who got a class E rating...Beatles, The Who, Rolling Stones got Class A rating: http://starling.rinet.ru/music/ledzep.htm Maybe it was no slight coincidence that axeman Jimmy Page wasn't actually a newly-emerged Seventies star, like the whole prog rock generation. Instead, he was hanging around for the whole Sixties, doing almost nothing, and even his short stay in the Yardbirds didn't help his career that much. Sad, but true: he really had little songwriting talent, which, unfortunately, is not a rare thing among great guitarists (take Hendrix or Clapton for further proof). What he did real good was ripping off old bluesmen and folksmen and giving their songs a new dimension, applying clever production values and amazing guitar techniques
  13. And yeah U2 is better than Led Zeppelin even though U2's singer aint that good. Zeppelin never did any album as good as 'The Joshua Tree'.
  14. Van Halen could have been better than Led Zeppelin. I mean they had a kick ass backing vocalist in Michael Anthony (albeit mediocre bassist). A monstrously huge electric guitar riff maker and soloist in Eddie van Halen. The potential is on display in their best album, '1984', and their covers of "You really got me" and "(Oh) Pretty Woman". Who doesn't like the songs 'Panama' or 'Dance the night away'? Slew of guitar driven songs like 'Girl Gone Bad', 'Drop Dead Legs', 'Ain't talking bout love'...etc But they self destructed.
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