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  1. Sabbath - Heavy Metal Led Zep - Hard rock (WRONG) But wait, 47% of LZ's catalogue is folk/acoustic. Only 26% of their album output can be considered original rock songs. 26% freaking percent, people. Hard rock band? I think not. LZ's rock tracks are all in the keys of A and E, use standard tunings, and hardly use power chords at all. Page borrowed every stock-in-trade technique from blues and rock and roll for his paltry rock song output. LZ was a freaking folk band. LZ was nothing more than eclectic stylisations, extreme loudness and developments in production.
  2. The Who was a joke. Sure, Townshend is a prolific song writer and tremendous guitarist but the songs are juvenile in nature. Fleetwood Macs album 'Rumours' is better than the Who's greatest hits.
  3. Led Zeppelin is automatically disqualified as a great band because they have no backing vocals. Even freaking Van Halen had that much. Joe Satriani is great technical guitarist. Do I care? No. Its now obvious that Kurt Cobain was a more significant guitarist than Jimmy Page. Jimmy Page is not even in the same league as Pete Townshend. Nor Lindsey Buckingham. Jimmy Page = Don Felder
  4. An album of minor league shit? Why would he want to do that. Jimmy needs a hit song...rock and roll of course and he aint gonna write it. So what does Jimmy bring to the table? Certainly not virtuoso lead guitar technique at age 70. He won't draw big crowds unless the song(s) are of very high quality. And if he had that, LZ would be reforming right now.
  5. I'm not convinced any lead guitarist can make a band financially viable by himself whether he can sing or not. Not Jimmy Page, not David Gilmour, not George Harrison,,,,then who? Fact is, bassists have a better track of doing it alone than lead guitarists...McCartney, Sting, etc. Bassist Roger Waters was always pissed off that David Gilmour got so much credit for the music behind Pink Floyd. He bluntly said that without a vehicle to setup his guitar parts, Gilmour is a lost puppy. I suspect the same is true for Jimmy. Without a stable rhythm section and someone doing vocal melodies and lyrics, Jimmy is a lost puppy.
  6. If all the rest of us had authored and sang 'Yesterday' it wouldn't sell. My point is that McCartney's underrated vocals makes him tick more htan anything else.
  7. Oh please, the lyrics aren't deep or meaningful. "Money...its a gas!"...lol. You gotta admit that The Pink Floyd are a curious lot. They have about 5 of the most brilliant tunes (Money, Comfortably Numb, Us and Them, Time, Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2) you could ever conjure up but the rest of it is almost laughable or filler. Its like Space Aliens landed, did those 5 songs, and took off again. Waters and Gilmour's solo careers are complete write-offs as well. I just cant stand the tenor sax and the constant bellering of those women in their tracks. That said, those 5 songs of Pink Floyd blow Zeppelin out of the sky. Sorry Jimmy, but Gilmours solos in Comfortably Numb clean house.
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