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  1. Black Dog 71


    I happen to love the MSG 1973 performance
  2. Black Dog 71

    BBC sessions deluxe out September 16!!!!

    I'm looking forward to this release as I think the remaster will sound great, and these tracks could probably use it. Plus I don't already own any of the disc 3 material on bootleg.
  3. Black Dog 71

    Earl's Court official release ?

    I'm hoping we'll get a 3 disc set or even a box set spanning all five nights. However, it's probably going to be a couple years. If this rumor is true, a possible announcement sometime next year would be great news.
  4. Definitely looking forward to Jimmy's solo project, but I'm also hoping for an Earls Court '75 audio release to see the light of day. Perhaps in a couple years?
  5. Black Dog 71

    Looking Ahead: the Next Three Releases - Presence ITTOD and Coda

    St. Tristan's Sword is definitely one of the highlights of the Coda companion discs. I love the rhythm of JPJ and Bonzo and the epic soloing from Jimmy (I even hear a little bit of the solo he played on live versions of Immigrant Song around the 1:30 mark) Fantastic!!!
  6. Black Dog 71

    Presence Reiusse

    10 Ribs & All/Carrot Pod Pod (Pod) is an incredible piano piece. One of the best companion tracks yet imo. Royal Orleans is cool too, although different. The vocal sounds like Bonham, but Jimmy says it's Plant.
  7. Black Dog 71

    Physical graffiti Remastered

    The deluxe cd is everything I hoped for and more! I love the window cutouts and track listing insert. It's just like the original LP. The companion disk is an interesting way to hear the album. Everybody Makes It Through is a real gem. It would have been cool to have alternate mixes or better yet, alternate takes of custard pie and the rover, but I can't complain.
  8. I wonder what the next pre release track will be
  9. I googled that too- it's not part of my everyday vocabulary. But either way- both the remastered and companion disks have been pleasing. Keep them coming!
  10. Black Dog 71

    Predictions for PG and Presence

    I'm hoping for an alternate version of In The Light
  11. The companion disk for III is definitely my favorite
  12. Post your predictions for the next 2 releases here
  13. Haven't listened to the remastered yet, but the companion has its shining moments