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  1. Surely the first 100 or so will have been snapped up by those in privileged positions, with greater access than us mere mortals? ;-)
  2. Got my PG from Amazon on pre-order, and thankfully it is numbered. I had scouted around for others, just in case. If anyone is without a numbered copy, Lostinvinyl (in the UK) has one on eBay - he's confirmed that its numbered and I've seen a photograph of the sticker that confirms this. Listing is here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/291382933000 All the best, Jason
  3. Finally got around to checking my numbers: LZI - 04935 LZII - 28629 LZIII - 10571 LZIV - 16445 HotH - 14477
  4. @Tonys78 & Circushead. The plot thickens...my copy of IV from Amazon wasn't numbered (successfully replaced now thanks to Willow Book) BUT when I opened my copy of HOTH also from Amazon, it WAS numbered...so perhaps SuperDave is correct - IV being such a big seller simply made it less probably of receiving a numbered copy. I guess it will be a bit of a gamble when ordering the next releases from Amazon - maybe steps will be taken to ensure the items are advertised correctly so we know what we're (definitely) getting. Tempted to go elsewhere to save the hassle...
  5. I found an eBay store in the US with numbered copies of IV - full cost including delivery/tax was £122 which is only £12 more than recordstore's price anyway, and I've seen photographic evidence that it is actually numbered. The eBay store is called Three Willows Books in North Carolina if anyone is interested...be quick, only one left... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151461480746
  6. I've tried recordstore twice today, via their website and via personal email. Still heard nothing back. I've managed to get a return/refund from Amazon on my non-numbered IV box set which is good at least...
  7. Having preordered and received numbered copies of I, II and III, I was devasted to have received non-numbered copies of IV and HOTH from Amazon, having preordered on the 1st day. I've seen numerous similar comments on this forum. Has anyone been successful in having them replaced with numbered copies? Even more annoyed to have paid nearly £100 each for them to find them on Amazon today for £75... Jason
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