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  1. according to lz database it was 5/26/77 landover maryland 34:56
  2. i know he played the guitar on "with a little help from my friends" on the joe cocker version... great song btw
  3. someone should scan it with and post it so others can print it out!
  4. i dont think there is a better performance than from TSRTS album. It may even be the best performance of any song by them.
  5. yea i am definitely going to the gateway this weekend to see it. cannot wait
  6. April 1969 September 1970 September 1971 June 1977
  7. is there a way to buy tickets in advance?
  8. I've listened to all of those actually, and they are all very good. From what I remember Earl's Court 25th had a classical feel to it.
  9. Yea right before page. What one's from 75 stand out. I have listened to many from that year but havent found any one's that stood out like the 77 ones. ps ill have a look at the chicago one.
  10. After listening to 4-28-77 NQ, I think it compares to 6-23-77. Does anyone else enjoy bonham and jpj goin at it like i did?
  11. One More For The Road 2005 Edition 9/19/70 Evening Show MSG is this upgrade worth getting? how much better is the quality?
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