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  1. I am not making a stand on this point,and you may not like this topic. But like i said the composing skills of all mentioned must account for something. That's the point i am making. To be adored by the masses,across generations you have to agree,is a musical acheivement. I am not disrespecting the other 3 in the band or any other performers by putting Page on a pedestal. But his composing skills hold him up there with the greats.Perhaps a comparison with a classical great was knaive on my part.But the masses can't be wrong., Nice debating with u Led
  2. I think you are missing the point here.Lennon annd macartney are composers as is Jimmy Page as is Mozart. What i am trying to say if you read my original post is ERA ,not one is better than the other. The style of production and sound of Zepp appeals.That is the point i am trying to make. What makes people want to spend stupid amounts of money,why are they held in such high acclaim.
  3. Name me a band in the last 50 years which has created a fenzy on this scale. You may think this argument between classical and rock as non valid. But how else can a comparison between true great composers be made. Led Zeppelin are the biggest rock group to set foot on American soil. Often hounded by critics in my own country,who have totally lost the plot. Their persona,attitude and most of all their appreciation of their audience makes them true greats.
  4. His contribution to rock music has been unequaled in my view. I know a comparison to a famous composer as Mozart may not hold water with some on this site. Yes the music is worlds apart,but why do Zepp have such universal appeal. Why do my girls prefer to listen to Zepp than bands of their own era. The music of today is lame in comparison,thats the reason. Kids today are looking for the next spark to ignite a frenzy. How come this band is the catalyst,How come so many of you visit this site. If it was out there already,we wouldn't be here. He is a genious and deserves adulation for cre
  5. I agree there are artists out there who sell millions,TODAY. Tomorrow is a different story,when u consistantly appeal to generations. Thats the difference between great composers and Here today,gone tomorrow performers.
  6. Yes, the musical styles are worlds apart.To say it is minimalistic,maybe. But i dont see mozart concerts selling out arenas night after night. And i don't call 300 million album sales minimalistic. The music holds up today as back in the 70's and probably they will still be for centuries. Maybe this is a silly comparison,but the fever this reunion has created says it all for me.
  7. I take your point and its valid.To me it doesn't matter how long a piece of music is. What matters is the feeling inside it creates.
  8. I consider this statement to be true.Listen to the acoustics thruout Zepp IV. Who would have thought to put Bonzo's drum kit in the hallway and mount multiple mikes up the staircase to give that incredible drum sound famously heard on When the levee breaks. Sampled by many. The Eastern tones on Kashmir The incredible guitar mixes on Achilles last stand. But most of all his incredible improvisation skills,the twists and turns thruout Dazed and confused at the live performances,like a composer he dictated the pace and having Bonzo and Jonesy, who knew the drill,the end result was nothing
  9. The bootlegs of the HTWWW & TSRTS show that Page has COOKED the official versions.As the Garden tapes guy has documented.For me i don't mind this as the superb production shows Page wanted to capture Zepp live at their very best.I would like to hear comments from other forum users on whether they feel Cheated or Elated this was the outcome
  10. Have the complete 24th show and half the 25th on DVD(the best night) The latest version of the 24th has full Moby dick with only the acoustic set edited.The source i have no idea but cost me an arm and a leg to buy.The bootleg guys did a fine job with the sound.
  11. I own both 4th & 11th shows in there full glory with pretty damn good quality.The video is deff from video recorded for the large screen.Why hasn,t Page released these gems?
  12. Being from Wales UK.i'm not sure the legendary LA Forum is still standing,if it is this is a must as Zepp regarded this venue as their home.
  13. so, um, your name is a lyric in a soledad brothers song and i want to know if you stole it from them or if i got my hopes up about someone hearing of them for nothing.

  14. Call me knaive,but i'm sure Mr. Plant is aware of the Genie He and his band mates have let out of the bottle.He toured and recorded with JP,because He knows deep down the fans crave everytthing they put out.1994 No Quarter was a big mistake,by leaving JPJ out in the cold.The masses will make his mind up and I, and the majority of this site BELIEVE that this is a new beginning and more will follow.
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