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  1. Hmmm. Thats a tough one. I think either Levee, lovin that bass line, or maybe Rock and Roll because every time I hear it I cant help bouncing around like an idiot. Oh bugger, I'll just have to play the whole album full blast repeatedly unitl I decide.
  2. I too am too young to have seen them 1st time around and did not make it to the gig of all time last night. A friend of my brother got one of the lucky password emails but could not go and asked if I wanted to try for a couple of last minute tickets but with all the crap about not being able to pass on passwords to anyone else and having to collect the tickets in person with ID etc. etc. I just couldnt take the risk of losing £250 plus travelling expenses. Though I dont know what was worse - not getting an email myself or having to turn down my brothers mates! Come on lads, do the decent
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