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  1. Could someone tell me if you have new photos and is this book worth buying?
  2. Eric's problem is that he used to charge a lot more for shipping, etc. Niwa is much clearer with expenses. Niwa also sent orders faster.
  3. I was with them from 2002 to the present not less than 2 to 3 times a year. It makes more of Led Zeppelin, for the simple reason that it sells more and more expensive. He likes Led Zeppelin, is his second band, but his favorite is the beatles Yuko likes LZ more. Nothing wrong, nothing strange. Please, let's say this conversation ends.
  4. The meaning is as follows. All SBDs launched by EV come from an account other than Japanese SBDs. I am talking about what according to what I personally was told is that the source of 929 was incomplete and that they asked for a lot of money and that it came from Japan. Not like the other SBDs. Led Zeppelin is the favorite band of most manufacturers in Japan, except for Tarantura which is The Beatles, his wife is a Led Zeppelin fan. Both are truly lovely. On the other hand, if EVSD pays better and you have a sbd to whom would you sell it? The fort of No Label / Lighthouse is not led zeppelin. they have achieved incredible new SBDs in the last 15 years, maybe not from Led Zeppelin, but from other groups. But Led Zeppelin has obtained many new sources, both from Japan 1972 and 1971. They have completed almost WLL of Osaka 28. But their prices are cheaper than EVSD, so EVSD can pay more for Led Zeppelin.
  5. Yes, but these two sbd come within Japan. They are not like the other SBDs that EVSD has released. Tarantura doesn't usually pay for tapes. I don't know how to deal with MR. Peach, but it's exclusive. No Label, if you pay when it is important to them. But EVSD is the one that pays best for Led Zeppelin. Eat a Peach, and Golden Eggs are from Europe.,
  6. I really don't know. I didn't buy EVSD 929 because it seemed like a robbery. And I find it very strange the same as you, so do not buy it. I believe that in a few years we will know the truth, when they re-edit 929 improved or complete version ...
  7. I understand that 929 was purchased by empress valley incompletely. the tapes were offered to all Japanese manufacturers, one of them told me that it was a very high price for an incomplete show. I knew this before EVSD announced that I was going out and did not say it was incomplete.
  8. http://www.bootledz.com/labels/tarantura2000.htm
  9. the last 2 CDs are from Night Owl ? Are they the same disc? Brannon says: the "Stereo Matrix." The matrix was also simultaneously released as a 2cd title. It's basically those same four cds mixed together, playing at the same time. Empress Valley never isolates separate sources in boxes in which they repeat the same show over and over. They're entirely missing the point. It's a bigger crime than their mixing two different shows together and passing it off as a single show.
  10. Thank you ! is it fun CDr or silver pressed ?
  11. Anyone have any idea where you can get Owl nite? Is it Japanese or European?
  12. http://www.../torrents-details.php?id=631677&viewcomm=7950923#comm7950923 dime Link !!!
  13. I do not like Scorpio. It has many cuts... I prefer TCOLZ and tarantura version.
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