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  1. This is one I'm looking forward to (his Beatles bio was well written): Coming out Nov 9th. https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/535029/led-zeppelin-by-bob-spitz/
  2. JPJ is also in this...at about 32seconds in:
  3. Looks a bit like Stanley Kubrick...
  4. Based on the jacket he's wearing, I'd say late 1966 (Oct-Dec).
  5. Rick Beato's channel has a lot of great videos. Zep fans (particularly musicians) will appreciate his breakdowns of Ramble On: and Whole Lotta Love:
  6. It seems like everything is on Youtube... Royston Ellis backed by Jimmy Page (unfortunately we don't see himJimmy). The low number of views makes me believe this hasn't widely been seen. Jimmy plays from 3:20 - 4:20.
  7. Yardley's tour dates from Melody Maker, Apr 13, 68:
  8. A few clippings from Melody Maker (second one mentions a Bonham solo) (July 6th, 13th and 20th, 1968). Also, re the Tim Rose appearance on Top Gear (July 1st, 1968), although Dougie Wright is listed as the drummer (source), that sure does sound like it could be Bonzo. Maybe it's just wishful thinking. Have a listen here. Track 1 - Roanoke: drumming with his hands (1:55) Track 2 - Foggy Mountain Breakdown On Rye With Mustard: multiple drum rolls (e.g. 4:34 & 5:00-5:20) Track 3 - I Guess It's Over: drum rolls throughout [triplets?] (e.g. 6:40, 7:00, 8:16, 8:20 ...) Track 4 - Long Haired Boy: multiple rolls throughout but harder to make out (e.g. 11:00)
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/jul/09/rolling-stones-jimmy-page-led-zeppelin-lost-song-scarlet
  10. Mark Lanegan’s new album Straight Songs of sorrow features JPJ on keyboards on Ballad of a Dying Rover. http://www.marklanegan.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3alMP5Jj-YU
  11. I have them as playing the Corn Exchange on the 23rd of May, and at the Tiles Club in London on the 26th.
  12. You can hear the guitar come in at 1:50 and at 3:22. I agree that it's fairly straightforward. I wonder what the back story is.
  13. So on March 4th, 68, was Bonzo playing with Tim Rose, or the Band of Joy, or both?
  14. Little Robert Anthony top right... From this page which has a bio of Listen: http://www.brumbeat.net/rplant.htm
  15. So I just saw Green Book tonight, and saw that Robert Plant had some input into the soundtrack: HOW ROBERT PLANT HELPED CURATE THE ‘GREEN BOOK’ SOUNDTRACK Robert Plant is partially responsible for the music found in Green Book, Peter Ferrelly's Academy Award-nominated movie about jazz pianist Don Shirley and his experiences with racism on tour in the early '60s. In a new interview, writer and director Peter Farrelly revealed that a dinner with Plant helped turn him on to the songs that were eventually used. "My wife's friend was going out with Robert Plant of all people, we went out to dinner and I picked his brain," Farrelly told Forbes. "I said, 'Robert, tell me some songs that you listened to in the late '50s and early '60s that nobody plays anymore. I want to hear the cool songs to you but that you haven't heard on the radio in 50 years.'" "It was an amazing night because I had just finished writing the script and he came to visit with his girlfriend, who was my wife's friend," he continued. "And my wife and her are both smokers, so they were outside smoking cigarettes and we were on YouTube and he was pulling up song after song after song and I was sitting there like a crazy student writing down all the stuff." Plant put his encyclopedic knowledge of American music to the test, playing Farrelly songs like "Pretty Lil' Thing" by Sonny Boy Williamson and "Goodbye, My Lover, Goodbye" by Robert Mosley. Its soundtrack, which combines some of Plant's recommendations with Kris Bowers' original score and one of Shirley's own recordings, has received more than a million streams to date. Farrelly added that using more obscure songs had a few benefits. "Number one is it didn't feel like Happy Days," he said, "like playing all the songs we've heard over and over. But also those songs were really inexpensive and I did not have a huge budget so I was able to come up with some sensational pop songs from the time that were long forgotten."
  16. "Bob Spitz" author of The Beatles? Is that you? That was a great book.
  17. More pictures here. Photos with Jimmy on Page 2.
  18. At the London Palladium, Oct. 23rd Care of Bob Harris' Twitter feed...
  19. New post on Jimmy's Page today gives great details about recording the first album: The inception of the epic Led Zeppelin I So we're in the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin, and on this day on 25th September 1968 heralds the inception of the epic Led Zeppelin I album: the moment whereby I would be able to manifest the sounds and layers I had heard in my head and also prove my status as a producer. The group went to Studio No.1, Olympic Studios, 117 Church Road, Barnes, London, SW13, having extensively rehearsed the material for Led Zeppelin I at my house in Pangbourne and we had had the opportunity to perform a good percentage of that material during a few concerts in Scandinavia and the UK to experience our music in a live situation under the clandestine cloak of the Yardbirds. In those days, the studio time was scattered and limited over a few days in September and October, dictated by Olympic's availability. Thus, with the aid of my old friend Glyn John's masterful engineering, at 11pm on Wednesday 25th September 1968, we began our recordings and embarked upon committing this eclectic powerhouse to tape. Much has been speculated about the initial recordings, so I thought it would be useful to show the worksheet from RAK that gives the dates and times that we were scheduled initially to go in. It makes fascinating reading.
  20. Archives for the Wichita Beacon are available for a fee here. Even without paying for access, from the small previews, it's clear that the Yardbirds played Wichita in both 1966 and 1967 (and Jim McCarty collapsed during the show in 67). Wichita Beacon, August 12th, 1966: English Rock The Yardbirds, an English (band?) with five hits to their credit (will play in?) Wichita Monday [August 15th, 1966] for a KLEO (radio?) dance at the Cotilion Ballroom. The dance will be from 7 ... and the group will give two performances during the evening -on(?)...another at 10pm. Wichita Beacon, October 11th, 1967: TEEN DANCE will be held Sunday [October 22nd, 1967] at the ...will feature a battle of the bands to... to play with The Yardbirds Oct 22nd;... Wichita Beacon, October 18th, 1967: THE YARDBIRDS will play ...at the Cotillion. Also playing ... Secret and the Avalons, two w(inners of the?) battle of the bands. Admission .... from 6 to 10 p.m. Advance ....at the Record Shop, 221 E. Wi...(and at?) the Cotillion. Wichita Beacon, October 25th, 1967: ...Complying with the adage "The show must go on," The Yardbirds finished their performance Sunday without their drummer. During their first set, Jim McCarty collapsed on his drums and was rushed backstage and then to the hospital. ...
  21. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere yet...Jim McCarty has written an autobiography called "Nobody Told Me: My Life with the Yardbirds, Renaissance and Other Stories" , and the introduction is by Jimmy Page. It is pricey... Here's the link to purchase: http://www.lulu.com/ca/en/shop/jim-mccarty-and-dave-thompson/nobody-told-me-my-life-with-the-yardbirds-renaissance-and-other-stories/paperback/product-23700764.html
  22. The MacLean's Toothpaste ad is completely new to me. I wonder what era of the Yardbirds it's from? The toothpaste was available in the US. This is the original vinyl: (https://www.popsike.com/MACLEANS-TOOTHPASTE-66-RADIO-JINGLES-LP-THE-YARDBIRDS/120063677723.html )...my guess is 66, maybe Jeff Beck, but could also be session musicians with just Keith Relf.
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